KNECHT Aw20 – PH2829

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Marque : KNECHT

Caractéristiques techniques  :

Height: 181mm
OD/Width Max: 94mm
OD/Width Min: 94mm
Thread: 1-12 UN
By-Pass Valve PSI: 8

Peut être monté sur  :

Akerman H21(Volvo TD100A, TD100B Eng.), H25; H25B(Volvo TD120B,-G Eng.), H3; H3B(Volvo TD31ACE Eng.), H5M(Volvo Eng.), H7; H7BLC; H7MB; H7M(Volvo TD60B, T61ACE Eng.), H9(Volvo D70A Eng.), H9; H9B; H9BLC; H9M; H9MB; H9T(Volvo TD60A, TD70B Eng.), M14(Volvo Eng.), 750; 751, H11, H11B, H12; H12B(Volvo TD70B, TD70G Eng.), H14, H14B, H16; H16B; H16C; H16D, M14 – Pile Driver, 750, 751 with Volvo D70A engine, H3B, H3MB with Volvo TD31 engine, H7, H7C, H7BLC, H7M, H7MB, H9BLC with Volvo TD60B engine, H9 with Volvo D70A engine, H9, H9B, H9MB, H11B with Volvo TD60, TD60A engines, H9, H9B, H9MB, H9BLC, H9M, H9T with Volvo TD70B engine, H11 with Volvo D70A engine, H11B with Volvo TD70B engine, H12, H12B with Volvo TD70, TD70B engines, H12BLC with Volvo TD70G engine, H14, H16, H16B, H16C, H21 with Volvo D100, TD100A, TD100B engines, H25, H25B with Volvo TD120B engine, Atlas Copco PR425(Volvo F100B Eng.), PR700TD(Volvo TD100A Eng.), PR425, PR425VD with Volvo D100B, P100B engines, PR700TD, PR700VD with Volvo TD100A engine, Broyt X41(Volvo Engine), X50(Volvo Engine), X2; X2B, X3; X4, X30; X30T, X31, X40, X42, X52, XSO, X2 with Volvo D50A, D50B engines, X3, X4 with Volvo D100A, D100B engines, X30, X30T with Volvo TD70B engine, X31 with Volvo TD70G engine, X40 with Volvo TD100A engine, X41, X50 with Volvo TD100 engine, X41, X50 with Volvo engine, X42 with Volvo TD171A engine, X52 with Volvo TD100G engine, Case IHC H50C, Demag H65 with Volvo TID121K engine,Dorman 12J, 12JT, 8DA, 8T2, Faun Frisch Frisch-Hydraulic, Hydrema Centre Post Excavator 79V 6 with Volvo BM 4 cyl. Diesel engine, Hymac880C(Volvo Eng.), 880C, 1050, 1051, 1150 with Volvo D70D engine, Kalmar 20D, 25D, 30D with Volvo D 100A engine, 20D, 25D, 30D with Volvo D 100B engine, 28-1200, 32-1200, 37-1200, 42-1200 with Volvo TD 100A engine, 5D, 8DK, 10DK, 12DK, 15DK, 65D, with Volvo D 70 engine, 5D, 8DK, 10DK, 12DK, 15DK, 65D, SL 8, SL 12, SL 15,, 8-600K, 8-600L, 10-600, 12-600, 12-1200, 16-600, 16-900 with Volvo TD 60B engine, LT 5, LT 6, LT 8, LT 10, LT 12, LT 15, SL 8, SL 12, SL 15 with Volvo D70 engine, Lokomo T323, T327 with Volvo TD60B engine, A353NR with Volvo TD100A engine, A391NS with Volvo TD70D engine, A391NS with Volvo TD120A engine, Matbro Bray PS10500C, PS10500C with Volvo TD60B engine, PoclainR200, Ransomes Jacobsen 1405B, 1405C, 1495B – Combines with Dorman 8JT engine, Stothert and Pitt SP200 – Roller with Volvo D70B engine,Sullair 250Q(JD Eng.), Thermoking XMD Series, Valtra Valmet 1200B with Volvo TD70B engine, VME 1310V; 1312V, Volvo B58, 4400 Loader; 4500 Loader, 4600 Loader; 4600B Loader, B59, B6, B7(D70A, D70B, TD70A,-B,-E,-H Engs.), B9M, B10 Series, B10M Mk1, B10M Mk2, B10M Mk3, B10M Mk4, B1200, B54, B57, B57; BB57(D70A, D70B, TD70A,-B,-E,-H Engs.), BM819, City Bus, D100; TD100, D100A; TD100A; TD100B; TD100C, D120; D120A; TD120; TD120A, D50; D50A; D50B; TD50; TD50A; TD50B, D60; D60A; TD60; TD60A; TD60B; TD60C; TD60D, D70; D70A; D70B; TD70; TD70A; TD70B; TD70C; TD70D; TD70E, DR826, DR860S, DR860T; DR860TC; DR860TL; DR861, F10(TD100, TD101, TD102 Engs.), F12(TD100, TD101, TD102 Engs.), F6, F6S, F8, F84; N84(D50, TD50, TD60 Engs.), F85(D50, TD50, TD60 Engs.), F85; F86(TD100 Eng.), F86; FB86; N86(D70A,-B,-C,-D, TD70A,-E Engs.), F87; NF87(D70A,-B,-C,-D, TD70A,-E Engs.), F88; F88T; FB88; FB88T; N88T; NB88T, F88; F88T; FB88; G88; N88T; NB88T, F88; FB88(D120, TD120 Engs.), F89; G89(D120, TD120 Engs.), FL4, KL121; KL121B, KL130; KL131, LM1240(D70B Eng.), LM1254, LM1640; LM1641(D100, TD100 Eng.), LM620; LM621; LM622(3 Cyl. Eng.), LM640; LM641; LM642(3 Cyl. Eng.), LM840(Bolinder 6 Cyl. Eng.), LM841; LM845; LM846, N10, N12, N7, N86(TD100 Eng.), N86; NB86, N88; NB88, P654 Wheel Loader(D50A Eng.), SM971; SM980, T800; T180(313 Eng.), T850, All models with with D 67B, D 67C, D 96B engines, B6 with D 60, TD60B, C engines, B9M with THD100D/E engine, B10, B10M, B10R with THD 100DB engine, B54 with D 50, D 50A, TD 50 engines, B57, BB57 with D70A, D70B, TA70A, TD70B, TD70E engines, B59 with THD 100D engine, B1200 with D 70B engine, City Bus with THD 100EA engine, F4 with D 60 engine, F6 with D 60 engine, F6 with TD 60A, B, C engines, F6 with TD 60 engine, F7 with TD 70F, G, GE engines, F8 with TD 70E engine, F10 with TD 100B engine, F10 with TD 100A engine, F10 with TD 100G, 101G, 101F, 102F engines, F12 with TD 100, TD 120C, D, F, G, GA, TD 121F, G, FH, TD122F, FH, FS, TD123E, ES, D12A engines, F84, F85, F85M, F85T, F86, F86T, F87, FB87, N84, N86, N86T, N88, NB88 with TD 100 engine, F84, F85, F85S, N84 with D 50, TD 50 engines, F84, F85, F85S, N84 with TD 60 engine, F86, FB86, F87, N86, NB86 with D 70A, D 70B, TD 70A, TD 70B, TD 70C, TD 70D, TD 70E engines, F88, F89, FB89, G89 with D 120, TD 120A, TD 240 engines, F88, F89, FB89, N12 with TD 290 engine, F88, FB88, G88, N88T, F88T with D 100A, D 100B, TD 100A engines, FH12 with D12A340bhp, D12A380bhp, D12A420bhp, D12C460 (Silver Cab) engines 8/93->3/02, FL4, FL408 with TD 41 engine, N7 with TD 70B, TD 70E engines, FL10, FS10 with D10A320, TD 100G, 101F, 101G, 102F, 103ES engines 1/93->12/98, N10 with TD 100A, TD100B engines, N12 with TD 120, A, E, G, TD 121F, G engines, N84, N86, NB86 with D 70A, D 70B engines, D100, D100A, D100B, TD100, TD100A, TD100B, D100BPP, TD100CHC, TD100CRC, TD100GG, TD100GPP, D50, D50A, D50B, TD50, TD50A, TD50B, D60, TD60, TD60A, TD60B, TD60BG, TD60BPP, TD60C, D70, D70A, D70B, D70BK, TD70A, TD70B, TD70E, DTD100, TD120, TD120A, TD40, TD40A, TD40G, S840 – Combine, S950 – Combine with Volvo D50A engine, SM868, SM870, SM871, SM880 – Forestry Equipment with D50A, TD50B engines, SM969, SM995 – Forestry Equipment, SM971, SM980 – Forestry Equipment with D70B engine, SM990 – Forestry Equipment with D70B engine, 860S, DR5350 with TD70G engine, DR826, DR860T, DR860TL, TC860T, TC860TL, TC861 with TD50B, TD60A engines, DR860, DR860A, DR860S with D50A engine, DR861 with TD60B engine, VHK115, VHK310 with D70A, D70B engines, VHK116, VHK118 with D70B engine, VHK310 with D70 engine, VHK312, VHK3500, 3700 with TD70E engine, VHK510 with TD100A engine, 4400 with TD60B engine, 4500 with TD70H engine, 4600 with TD100A engine, LM616, LM620, LM621, LM640, LM641 with D42 engine, LM622, LM642 with D42 engine, LM840 with D50 engine, LM841, LM845 with D50A, D50B, D60A engines, LM846, LM846HD, LM1240 with D70B engine, LM1241, LM1245, LM1640, LM1640STD, LF1641, LM1641 with D100, TD100 engines, P654 with D47B, D50A engines, P854 with D70A engine, KL121, KL121B with Volvo D100B engine, KL130, KL131 with Volvo D70 engine, KL210 with Volvo D47, D50 engines, KL230 with Volvo D70 engine, KL230 with Volvo D67 engine, KL250 with Volvo D100B engine, KL250 with Volvo D96, D100A engines, 2650/54, BM200, BM210, BM Teddy, BM2650, BM2654 with TD60 engine, BM2650, BM2654 with D60 engine, BM308 with TD100 engine, BM616 with Volvo D42 engine, BM800, BM810, BM814 with TD50A engine, BM810, BM814 with TD60A engine, BM840, BM841, BMVHK310 with Volvo TD70 engine, T600, T616, T650, T700, T800, T810, T814, Volvo Penta Engine(KAMD42A Engine), KAD42; KAMD42, MD100A; TMD100A, MD100B; TMD100A; MD120A; TMD120A, MD50A, MD70; TAMD70; TMD70; MD70A; TMD70A; TMD70AB; MD70B, TAMD60; TAMD60A, TAMD60C, TAMD70B, TAMD70E, TMD120A; TAMD120A, VDC6; VDF6, D100, TD100, TD100A, TD100B, TD1000A, D120A, TD120, TD120A, D100B, D100BPP, TD100B, TD100CHC, TD100CRC, TD100G, TD100GG, TD100GPP, D50, D50A, D50B, TD50, TD50A, TD50B, D60, TD60, TD60A, TD60B, TD60BG, TD60BPP, TD60C, TD60D, D70, D70B, D70K, TD70, TD70B, TD70D, TD70E, D70A, TD70A, ED, EDG, VDF6, VDG6, TD40, TD40A, TD40G, AQD70B, AQD70C, D100A, D100B, D100BPP, D120A, D50A, D50B, D70A, D70B, D70BK, MB100B, MD100A, MD100B, TMD100A, TMD100B, MD120A, TMD120A, TAMD120A, TDMT120B, MD50A, MD50B, MD70, MD70A, MD70B, TMD70, TMD70AB, TAMD70A, TAMD70B, TAMD6A, TAMD60A, TAMD60C, TAMD70B, TAMD70C, TD100B, TD100CHC, TD100CRC, TD100G, TD100GG, TD100GPP, TD120A, TD120E, TD120GG, TD120BRC, TD50A, TD50B, TD70A, TD70B, TD100A, TM70AB, Zetor 7620; 7640, 8620; 8640, 9620; 9640; 10520; 10540, 9641