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Marque : AC

Caractéristiques techniques  :

Height: 137mm
OD/Width Max: 95mm
OD/Width Min: 94mm
Thread: 3/4-16 UN
By-Pass Valve PSI: 8

Peut être monté sur  :

Allis Chalmers 170, 170; 175, 175(Perkins 4.236 Eng.), 175D(Perkins 4.248 Eng.), 175G, 312(Kohler K301, K330, K331 Eng.), 314, 4B153, 510, 540(Ford 172 Diesel Eng.), 615, 616; 622(G226, D262, G262 Eng.), 700; 706, 705C Forklift; 706C Forklift; 708C Forklift(Diesel Eng.), 706B, 707; 707XTB, 714B; 715B, 715; 715D(Perkins 4.236 Eng.), 801; 802, 816; 816B(Perkins 4.248 Eng.), A II, A; AH; B; R; T(G230, 6B230 Eng.), ACC60; ACC70; ACC80(Continental Eng.), ACP225(Ford 300 Gas Eng.), C; C II, CH, CR, D, D; W(226 Eng.), D10; D12, D15, D17, D17D, D19(G262 Eng.), D19D(D262 Eng.), E(G226 Eng.), E III Series, F(Gas Eng.), F100-24; FL100-24(G230 Eng.), F120-24; FL120-24(G230 Eng.), F30-24; FL30-24(G153 Eng.), F4; FT20, F40-24; FP40-24; FPL40-24(G153 Eng.), F50-24; FL50-24; FP50-24; FPL50-24(G153 Eng.), F60-24; FL60-24; FP60-24; FPL60-24; FS60-24; FSL60-24(G230 Eng.), F70-24; FL70-24; FP70-24; FPL70-24; FSL70-24(G230 Eng.), F80-24; FL80-24; FP80-24; FPL80-24; FS80-24; FSL80-24(G230 Eng.), FB50-24; FD50-24; FPD50-24(D175 Eng.), FD100-24(D262 Eng.), ftb30-15; FTB30-24; FTBL30-15; FTBL30-24(Waukesha FC133 Eng.), FTD100-24(6BD230 Eng.), FTD20, FTD30, FTD40, FTD60-24; FTPD60-24(6BD230 Eng.), FTD70-24(6BD230 Eng.), FTD80-24(6BD230 Eng.), FTP30-24; FTPL30-24(4B153 Eng.), FD120-24(D262 Eng.), FD30-24(D175 Eng.), FD40-24; FPD40-24(D175 Eng.), FD60-24; FPD60-24; SD60-24(D262 Eng.), FD70-24; FPD70-24; FSD70-24(D262 Eng.), FD80-24; FPD80-24; FSD80-24(D262 Eng.), FPL40-24; FTP40-24(4B153 Eng.), FT100-24; FTL100-24(6B230 Eng.), FT20-24; FTL20-24; FPT20-24; FTPL20-24; FT25-24; FTL25-24(Waukesha FC133 Eng.), FT60-24; FTL60-24; FTP60-24; FTPL60-24(GB230 Eng.), FT70-24; FTL70-24; TD75-24C(6B230 Eng.), FT80-24; FTL80-24(6B230 Eng.), FTPL40-24(4B153 Eng.), G138, G149, G153, G160, G226; W226, G230, G262, H3(G149 Gas Eng.), HD11G, HD6G, I40, I-400, I60, I-600, M65(D262 Eng.), Model E, R; R1, RT40TE(G149 Eng.), Super 100SP; R, TL10, TL11, TL12, TL14; TL14A(G262 Eng.), WD45, 616, 622 Cotton Pickers with Petrol engine, TP103 – Forestry Equipment with Petrol engine, 615 Diesel, 615 Petrol, 715, 715D with Perkins 4-236 engine, 816B with Perkins 4-248 engine, 840, 840B with Perkins engine, 500, 600 with Petrol engine, ACC100, ACC120 with Allis-Chalmers 262 diesel engine, ACC100, ACC120 with Continental Petrol or L.P.G. engine, ACC20, ACC25, ACC30 with Continental Petrol or L.P.G. engine, ACC35, ACC40, ACC45, ACC50, ACC55 with Continental Petrol or L.P.G. engine, ACC60, ACC70, ACC80 with Allis-Chalmers 262 diesel engine, ACC60, ACC70, ACC80 with Continental Petrol or L.P.G. engine, ACP20, ACP25, ACP30 with Petrol or L.P.G. engine, ACP225 with Ford 300 Petrol engine, ACP40, ACP50 with Petrol or L.P.G. engine, ACP40, ACP50 with Perkins 4.203 diesel engine, F-4, FT-20, F60-24, FL60-24, FP60-24, FPL60-24, FS60-24, FSL60-24, F70-24, FL70-24, FP70-24, FPL70-24, FS70-24 with G-230 engine, FD60-24, FPD60-24, FSD60-24, FD70-24, FPD70-24, FSD70-24, FD80-24, FPD80-24, FSD80-24, FD100-24, FD120-24 with D-262 engine, FSL70-24, F80-24, FL80-24, FP80-24, FPL80-24, FS80-24, FSL80-24, F100-24, FL100-24, F120-24, FL120-24 with G-230 engine, FT20-24, FTL20-24, FTP20-24, FTPL20-24, FT25-24, FTL25-24, FTB30-24, FTBL30-15, FTB30-24, FTBL30-24 with Waukesha FC-133 engine, FT60-24, FTL60-24, FTP60-24, FTPL60-24, FT70-24, FTL70-24, FTD75-24C, FT80-24, FTL80-24, FT100-24, FTL100-24 with 6B-230 engine, FTD-20, FTD-30, FTD-40, FTD60-24, FTD70-24, FTD80-24, FTD100-24 with 6BD-230 engine, FTP30-24, FTPL30-24, FPL40-24, FTP40-24, FTPL40-24 with 4B-153 engine, RT-40 with G-149 engine, D, W Speed Patrol with G-226 engine, M-65 with G-226 engine, M-65 with D-262 engine, 1600, 170, 175 with petrol engine, 170, 175 with diesel engine, 8550 with 6120T engine, D-10, D-12, D-12 Series III with G-138 engine, D-15 Series IV with G-149 engine, D-17 Series III, IV Serial No. 75001-up with G-226 LPG engine, D-19 with G-262, G-262 LPG engines, D-19D with D-262T engine, HD6, HD6A, HD6B, HD6E, HD6EP, HD6G with Allis-Chalmers 6000 engine, HD11, HD11B, HD11BD, HD11BE, HD11D, HD11E, HD11EP, HD11G, HD11GC with Allis-Chalmers 11000 engine, HD11, HD11B, HD11BD, HD11BE, HD11D, HD11E, HD11EP, HD11G, HD11GC with Allis-Chalmers 10000, HD516 engines, I-60, I-600, TL10, TL11, TL12 with G226, G262 engines, TL14, TL14A with G0262 engine, 6120T Series, D-230, G-138, G-149, G226, – Petrol, G-153, 6-160, G-230, G-262 – Petrol, Aston Martin V-8(5.3 (1976)), Atlas Copco UT85(Ford Eng.), VT3(Ford Eng.), UT3, UT4, UT5, UT6 with Ford 2504E engine, UT85 with Ford 2502E engine, VS125 with Ford 2504E engine, VT3 with Ford engine, Audi 100 2.0 Litre with NC Turbo Diesel 5 cyl engine (74bhp) 3/88->91, 100 2.4 Litre with 3D Diesel engine (82bhp) 8/89->7/91, 100 2.5 Litre with ABP,ATT TDI engines (115bhp) 9/93->97,Aveling Barford VXCO11 – Rollers – Vibratory with Ford 2714E engine, RD05, RD07 with Ford 2713E engine, RD05, RD07 with Ford 2712E engine,Barber Greene SB110 Asphalt Finisher(Case G188D Eng.), Mazda Navajo(4.0 (1991)), B2300 Pickup(2.3 (1994)), B4000 Pickup(4.0 (1994)), B2500 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel OHC (109bhp) 99->06, Bedford AWD CF Van with 2.1 & 2.3 Litre Opel Diesel engine (76-9/87), Benford MA2300H with Ford 2504E engine, Blaw Knox 195 Road Wideners(Ford 6-300 Eng.), PF120(Ford 6-300 Eng.), 195RW with Ford 6-300 engine, P150 with Ford 6-240 engine, PF120 with Ford 6-300 engine, PF120 with Ford 3000 engine, Bolinder Munktell VHK110A Road Grader(D67 Eng.), Bonser 15G, 15H, 25H, 25HS, 35G, 35H, 45H, 50D with Ford 550 engine, 50D, RT2500K, RT2500-4, RT3500K with Ford 550 engine, Case IHC 1000 Series; 1100 Series; 1200 Series; 1300 Series(3.9 (1969)), 1000D; 1100D(3.9 (1970)), 1010; 1110; 1210; 1310(5.0 (1971)), 1060(V8-318 Gas Eng.), 1075 Windrower(Chrysler Eng.), 1140(159 Eng.), 1150 Windrower, 1160(V8-318 Gas Eng.), 1200D; 1300D(3.9 (1970)), 152, 1665 Special(Chrysler V8-318 Eng.), 1700 Loadstar Series, 1737 Uni-Loader, 1740 Uni-Loader, 1750 Loadstar Series, 1835 Loader(G188D Eng.), 1835B Uni-Loader(G188D Eng.), 1835C Uni-Loader(Diesel Eng.), 1845 Uni-Loader(G188D Diesel Eng.), 1845 Uni-Loader; 1845S Uni-Loader(159G Eng.), 1845B Uni-Loader(G188D Eng.), 196, 2275 S Series; 2375 S Series(Cummins Eng.), 2554 S series; 2654 S Series(Cummins L10 Eng.), 2574 S Series(Cat 3176 Eng.), 2574 S Series; 2575 S Series; 2674 S Series; 2675 S Series(Cummins ISM Eng.), 2574 S Series; 2674 S Series(IHC DT530E Eng.), 266, 2674(Cummins N14 Eng.), 300; 300B(G148B Eng.), 300C Log Skidder(336B Diesel Eng.), 304; 304A, 310(G148B Eng.), 310D; 310E; 310F(G148B Eng.), 310E(G188D Eng.), 310G, 311B(G148B Eng.), 404; MV404; MV406, 336B; 336BD; A336BDT, 3414 Series; 3444 Series(BC144 Eng.), 345; 345A, 350; 350D, 350B Loader(G188D Eng.), 392, 400(G188D Eng.), 400C Log Skidder(336B Eng.), 411B(G148B Eng.), 430(Diesel Eng.), 430; 431; 440; 441(G148B Eng.), 430CK Backhoe/Loader(Diesel Eng.), 420C, 420C Crawler, 4400(DT530 Eng.), 446; MV446, 450(Diesel Eng.), 455B(G207D Eng.), 5500i; 5600i(Cat C10, C12 Engs.), 5500i(IHC HT530 Eng.), 5500i PayStar(Cummins ISL Eng.), 500 Loader(DIESEL Eng.), 5000 Paystar(Cummins ISM Eng.), 5500i PayStar; 5600i PayStar(Cat C13 Eng.), 5000; 5500(HB225 Eng.), 500B Wheel Tractor(Case Gas Eng.), 500E, 500LK Loader(Diesel Eng.), 470(G148B Eng.), 475(301B Eng.), 480B Backhoe/Loader(G188D Eng.), 480C Backhoe/Loader(Diesel Eng.), 480CK Backhoe/Loader(G148B Eng.), 480D Loader; 480LL Loader(G188D Eng.), 4900 Series(DT530 Eng.), 5600 Series(Cat C12 Eng.), 570(G148B Eng.), 510; 511, 511B(G159 Eng.), 530(G159 Eng.), 530 Series Loader(Diesel Eng.), 530CK Backhoe/Loader(Diesel Eng.), 531; 540; 541(G159 Eng.), 584D Forklift; 585D Forklift; 586D Forklift, 580B Backhoe/Loader, 580C Backhoe/Loader, 580CK Backhoe/Loader, 580D Loader; 580 Super D Loader(G207D Eng.), 580F, 580G, 584 Forklift, 584C Forklift; 585C Forklift; 586C Loader, 5900i(Cat C10, C12 Engs.), 5900i PayStar(Cat C13 Eng.), 660(G188 Eng.), 680B Backhoe/Loader(Diesel Eng.), 600, 680C Backhoe/Loader with A301B(A301BD Eng.), 680E Backhoe/Loader(Diesel Eng.), 600B Wheel Tractor(Case Gas Eng.), 600SK Log Skidder, 611; 630; 630C; 631; 641(G188D Eng.), 624, 70+4, 700(Chrysler Eng.), 7000(BC144, BD143 Engs.), 724, 730; 731(A267D Eng.), 7300 WorkStar(DT466 Eng.), 7400 WorkStar(DT466 Eng.), 7600(Cat C10 Eng.), 7600 WorkStar(Cat C11 Eng.), 770, 7700 WorkStar(Cat C11 Eng.), 780CK Backhoe/Loader(336 Eng.), 800SK Log Skidder; 825SK Log Skidder, 8100, 830; 830C(A284 Eng.), 841(A284 Eng.), 8100; 8200; 8300, 850(A301D Eng.), 8500 TranStar(HT530 Eng.), 7500 WorkStar(HT530 Eng.), 8200(Cat 3406E Eng.), 8600 TranStar(Cat C10, C11, C12, C13 Engs.), 9100i, 825, 825 Tree Skidder, 9300(Cat 3406E Eng.), 870(301 Gas Eng.), 880(Diesel Eng.), 900(H225 Gas Eng.), 908B; 908C(4.4 (1968)), 9400i, 9370 Series, 9400 Series, 9200(Cat C10, C12 Eng.), 9200i, 950 Windrowers(A126 Eng.), 960(H225 Gas Eng.), 9600 Series(Cummins M11 Eng.), 9900i(Cat 3406 Eng.), 9600 Series; 9670 Series; 9700 Series(Cat 3406, 3406B Eng.), 970, 9700 Series(Cat 3176B Eng.), 9800(Cummins ISM Eng.), 9900ix(Cat C15, C16 Engs.), A251G, A267D, A284G; A284LPG, A301BD, A301D, A377D, A377G, A401D, DH4; FH4; W4(1.8L Diesel Eng.), DH5(188 Eng.), DM10(5.0 (1972)), D530CB Backhoe, DuraStar(DT530 Eng.), G126; G126B, G148; G148B, G159; G159B; G159LPG, G188B; G201B, G188D, G207D, LoneStar(Cat C15 Eng.), M Series(2.5 (1968)), M800; M1100; M1200; MA1200(3.9 (1970)), Pickups(5.0 (1974)), ProStar(Cat C13 Eng.), Maxi-Sneaker, MHC1310(5.0 (1974)), MS1210(5.0 (1972)), PayStar(Cat C13 Eng.), Scout(2.5 (1967)), Scout II(3.2 (1971)), T500(GAS Eng.), T800(DIESEL Eng.), TF1000, TranStar(Cat C11 Eng.), W11 Loader, W14 Loader(Diesel Eng.), W14 Loader; W14H Loader(Diesel Eng.), U446(IHC U446 Eng.), W3 Loader(G159 Eng.), W10C Loader; W10E Loader(A377G Eng.), W10E Loader(Diesel Eng.), W5A Loader(G188 Eng.), W7 Loader; W7C Loader(G284 Eng.), W7E Loader, W8E Loader, W9A Loader(A284 Eng.), W9B Loader; W9C Loader(A377G Eng.), W9E Loader(A377G Eng.), WorkStar(Cat C11 Eng.), 600 – Combine, 660 – Combine with G188D engine, 700, 800, 900 – Combines, 900, 960 – Combines with H255 Petrol engine, 950 Windrower with Case A126 engine, 1000, 1010, 1060, 1160 – Combines with V8-318 engine, 1150, 1155 Windrowers with Case engine, 1660 – Combine, P50, P336, T50, TB50, T336, TB336 with 336 engine, 475 – Cable Layer with 301D, 336D engines, 880,880B,880C, 880R, 350B with G188D engine, 450B, 455B with 207 engine, W3D, W3G, W5AD, W5AG, W5D, W5G with Case G159 engine, W3D, W3G, W5AD, W5AG, W5D, W5G with Case G188D engine, W4 with Case 207 engine, W7C, W7D, W7E, W7G, W9AD with Case A284 engine, W7C, W7D, W7E, W7G, W9AD with Case A301D engine, W7E, W8E, W9E, W10E, W14 with Case A301BD, A301BG engines, W9AG with Case A284 engine, W9E, W10E, W11 with Case 207D engine, W14, W14H, W14 Feedlot with Case 336B Eng. -> Serial No.10018987, 800, 825, 300, 300B, 411B with Case 148B engine, 300C, 400C with Case 336B engine, 310, 310D, 310E, 310G, 311B, 420B with Case G148B engine, 310E, 310F Serial No. 3019001->, D301G, 400 Diesel with Case G188D engine, 310E, 310F, D310G -> Serial No.3019001 with G188D engine, 350, 350B, 350C, 350D, 400 Diesel with G188D engine, 411B with Case G148B engine, 420B with Case G148B engine, 420C with Diesel engine, 420C with Petrol engine, 430 Diesel, 530 Diesel with Case G188D engine, 430, 430CK, 440 with Case G148B, G188 engines, 450 ->Serial No. 3060306, 450 Serial No. 3060307->, 450, 450D with Case G188D engine, 450, 450D with Case G188 engine, 450, 450D with Case 336D engine, 450, 450D with Case 207 engine, 450B, 470, 480, 480CK Series B with Case G148B, G188D engines, 480C, 480CKD, 480LL, 500B, 500LK, 510, 511B, 530, 530CK, 531, 541 with Case G159, G207 engines, 530 Diesel with Case G188D engine, 530, 531, 540, 541 with Case G159 engine, 580, 580B with Case G159 engine, 580, 580B, 580F Serial No. 29101500-> with Case G188D engine, 580CK, 580CK-B, 580CK-C, 580CKD, SUPER D, 584, 584CK,585, 585CK, 586, 586CK, 580D, 580D Turbo with G207A engine, 600SK, 610, 611, 630, 630C, 631, 641 with Case G188, G188D engines, 630 Diesel, 631 Diesel with Case G188D engine, 660 with Case G188D engine, 680, 680 Diesel with Case 267D engine, 680, 680 Diesel with Case A251 engine, 680CK Series B. Serial No. 9103968->, 680CK Series C with Case 301BD engine, 680CK Series E with Case 336B engine, 700, 730, 731, 800, 880 with Case A251, A267D engines, 712, 713, 730, 731, 750 Diesel with Case A267D, A301D engines, 750 Diesel with W267 engine, 770 with Case engine, 770 Poweshift with Case Diesel engine, 780 with 336 engine, 780, 780CK with 336 engine, 780CK, 1150 Diesel, 830, 830C, 841 with Case A284 engine, 850 Diesel with Case A301BD engine, 850 Series B with Case A401BD engine, 870 with Case A301D engine, 870 Diesel with Case 336BD engine, 880 B with Case 336BD engine, 970 with Case A377D engine, 970 with Case 401BD engine, 1737 with G148B engine, 1740 with Case G188D engine, 1835 with Petrol engine, 1835 with Diesel engine, 1835B with G188D engine, 1845, 1845S with Petrol engine, 1845, 1845B, 1845S with Diesel engine, 207 Diesel, 270 Diesel, 301BD, 336BD, 336BDT with 4cyl. Diesel engine, A284G, A284LP, A484G, A484LP, G188D with 4cyl. Diesel engine, Caterpillar CT660(CT11 Eng.), PS110; PS130; PS180(JD 4239D Eng.), T100C, T120C(Continental Eng.), T25(Continental F163 Eng.), T30; T30B(Continental Eng.), T30; T30B;T30C(Perkins Eng.), T30B; T30C(Cat 1404 Gas Eng.), T40; T40B, T50; T50B, T60; T60B(Perkins Eng.), T60; T60B;T60C(Continental Eng.), T60B; TC60C(Cat 1404 Gas Eng.), T60C, T70C, T80C, V180(Ford V8-351 Eng.), T90C, TC30(Continental F163 Eng.), V160(Ford V8-351 Eng.), V30; V30B(Continental Eng.), V51; V51B, V55B, V35B(Continental Eng.), V40; V40B, V40B(Continental Eng.), V41; V41B, V45B(Continental Eng.), V50; V50B, V50B(Continental Eng.), V60; V60B(Perkins Eng.), V60;V60B(Continental Eng.), V60C, V60D, V70C, V70D, V80C, V80D, VC60C(Continental Eng.), T25, TC30 with Continental F163 engine. 12X (Gas), 61V, T25, TC30 with Continental F163 engine. 12X (Propane), T30, T40, T50, T60 with Continental F163 engine. 05N, 15N, 33M, (Propane), 65U, 71U, 95F (Gas), Chrysler Dodge 120 Super Crown, 125, 145 Space Saver; 150 Super Crown, 150; 155, 170, 170A; 170AJ Jet, 198, 200; 210, 225; 225-1; 225-2, 251; 251-1; 251-2; 251-3, 273A, 318, 330; 335; Model 340, 360, 375, 383, 400, 400 Series; 500 Series; S550; 600 Series, 413, 413B; 413D; 413E; 413GL, 440, 525, 700; 800; C850; 900; 1000 Series, CM6-55; CM6-55A, Commando 175; Fury 190; Commando 195; Fury 195, D800(Chrysler V8 413 6.8L Eng.), Fury 235; Imperial 250; Newport 260, Golden Commando 280; Golden Commando 290; Imperial 290; Golden Lion 300, Golden Lion 325; Imperial 325, H170; HB170; HC170, H225; HA225; HB225; HC225, H318; HB318; HC318, H361; HB361; HC361, H383; HB383, H413; HB413; HC413, H426; HB426; HC426; H440, HA273, HT413, Jet II; Jet III; Jet IV, M Series Motor Homes, M225; M225D; MH225D, M273A; M273B; M273B-O/D, M300; M400; MB400(Chrysler 5.9L Eng.), M318A; M318B; M318C; M318G; LM318B; LM318D; LM318; LM318A, M383B, M426 Series; M440B Series; M440D Series, M80; M81, SK Golden Lion, Super Bee II; Super Bee III; Super Bee IV, 50 Series M2 with 6cyl Petrol engine, KB200, KC200, KB300, KC300 with 2266cc Petrol engine, Walk Thru Series KC25, KC30, KC40 with Petrol engine, Clark C500 Forklift, C50050 Forklift, 20(Ford 6 Cyl. 240 Eng.), 30; 40(Ford 6-240 Eng.), 50(Ford 6-240 Eng.), 75 Series II Wheel Loader(Waukesha F283 Gas Eng.), 75 Series III Wheel Loader(Waukesha F283 Gas Eng.), C25B; C25P(Continental Eng.), C440B, C500, GPX30, GPX40(Perkins Eng.), GPX50, 20, 30, 40, 50 with Ford 6.240 engine, Davey Paxman 100, Doosan Daewoo Chevrolet 130, C7500(7.2L L6 Turbo Eng.), C8500(7.2L L6 Turbo Eng.), Kodiak(8.1L Eng.), T7500(Isuzu 6HK1-TC 7.8L Turbo Eng.), T8500(7.8L V6 Turbo Eng.), T-Series(Isuzu 6HK1-TC Eng.), Dorman 4DA(Dorman 4DA Eng.), 6DA(Dorman 6DA Eng.), Dresser 500E(Dresser D155 Eng.), Drott 3330 Crane; 3330B Crane(Case G188 Gas Eng.), 85RM-2 Crane(Case 188 Diesel Eng.), 3330 Carry Deck Crane with Case G188 Diesel engine, C35BC, 35 Series D with Case 336BDT engine, Dynapac CC21A Roller(Ford 256 Diesel Eng.), CC21A – Roller – Vibratory with Ford 77 HP Diesel engine, Ebro 6060, 6070, 6080, 7000 with Perkins 6.305 engine, E35, E60, L60-1, L60-2, L60-3, L75-1, L75-2, L75-3 with Perkins 4.236 engine, Ferrari 275 GT(3.3 (1968)), Fiat BM12; BM15, BM20; BI20; BIM20, Ford H45(V8 Engine), Mustang 302(5.0 Engine), Ranger(2.5TD Engine), 144, 158D(Ford 158D Diesel Eng.), 170, 172, 175D, 183, 200, 200 Series ;250 Series; 300 Series ;350 Series, 200 Series; 250 Series; 300 Series; 350 Series, 200 Series; 300 Series, 200; 200GF, 201D, 201GF, 2100, 223, 232, 233D, 240, 242, 242DF, 250, 250 Series; 350 Series, 345C; 345D, 351, 250GF, 254, 255, 256, 260, 2602E; 2613E; 2614E; 2615E; 2625E; 2653E; 2655E; 2656E, 2701E, 289, 289; 300; 300HD; 300LD, 292, 3 Cyl. Tractor, 300, 302, 302GM; 302GP, 330, 330HD; 330MD, 334, 445C; 445D, 450, 351GM; 351GP, 352, 360, 360; 360GP, 3600(3 Cyl. Gas Eng.), 361, 380, 390, 390; 390GP, 3900, 391, 400, 401, 401D, 428, 429, 4400; 4410; 4500, 445; 445A(Ford Diesel Eng.), 455; 455C; 455D, 460, 460GM; 460GP, 4610(201 Gas Eng.), 475, 477, 500 Series; 550 Series; 600 Series; 700 Series, 500 Series; 550 Series; 600 Series; 700 Series; 750 Series; 800 Series, 530A; 530B, 534, 535, 545; 545A, 545C; 545D, 5700, 611, 620 Gas, 622(6 Cyl. 254 Eng.), 630; 640, 642(6 Cyl. 380 Eng.), 650(Ford 256 Diesel Eng.), 700 Series; 750 Series; 800 Series, 750(Ford 256 Diesel Eng.), 7500; 7600, 800 Series; 880 Series; 900 Series, 800 Series; 900 Series, 850 Series; 900 Series; 950 Series(6.6 ()), 91, BSD332; BSD333; BSD333H, BSD442; BSD444, C4PA; C4PB; C4PC, C5PF; C5PG, EBR; EBS; EBT, ECS; ECT, ECS2V, ECS4V; ECT4V, EEH; EEJ; EEK, EEN, EER, EET; EEW; EEV, EFU; EFV; EFW; EFY, EFZ, EGA; EGU; EGV; EGW; EGY; EGZ; EHC; EHF; EHV, F; G, F600(V8 330 4.9L Eng.), F700 Series(6.6L Eng.), K; L, L9000(Cummins L10 Eng.), LTS9000(Cummins N14 Eng.), Models, Motorhomes, O91PV, Super County Four, Super County Six (1164), V, Explorer 4.0 Litre Injection 12V OHC V6 (Eng Vin Code X) 01/97->, Explorer 5.0 Litre Injection V8 (Eng Vin Code N & P) 97->, Ranger 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel 00->06, Ranger 2.8 Litre Turbo Diesel 1/03->, 611 – Combine, 620 – Combine, 622 – Combine, 630, 640 – Combines, 642 – Combine with 6-380 Diesel engine, "R" SERIES Models with 4.9 litre Petrol engine, 13-Six, 16-Six with Ford 4500 engine, 3550, 4550 with Ford 3 cylinder engine, 445, 550, 555, 555A, A62 with Ford 4256T engine, H42, H44, H47 with Ford 4 cylinder engine, H48, H48CL, H48CK, P48 with Ford 401DF engine, P42, P45, P44 with Ford 6 cylinder engine, 1454, 2000, 2100, 2110, 2120, 2150, 2310, 230A, 530A, 233, 333 Highway Tractors, 234, 334, 335 Highway Tractors, 2600, 3600 with Diesel engine, 2600, 3600 with Petrol engine, 2610, 3610 with Diesel engine, 2610, 3610 with Petrol engine, 2910, 3910, 3000, 3055, 3100, 3120, 3150, 3190, 3300, 3400, 3500, 3550, 345 with Diesel engine, 4000, 4010 with Ford Petrol and Diesel engine, 4100 with Ford 3 litre 3cyl. Diesel engine, 4140, 4190, 4200, 420 with Ford 3.0 litre Petrol and Diesel engine, 4400, 4410, 4500, 4600 with Ford 3.3 litre, 3 cyl. Diesel engines, 4630, 500, 501, 600, 601, 700, 701, 801, 900, 901, 1801 with Ford Petrol engine, 5000, 5100, 5200, 531 with Ford Petrol engine, 545 with Ford Petrol and Diesel engine, 5500, 5550, 5610, 5710, 6000 with Ford 4 cyl. Diesel, 6 cyl. Diesel engines, 650 with Ford 4.2 litre Diesel engine, 6500, 7500, 6610 Four E with Ford engine, 6610, 6610 Series II with 4 cylinder diesel engine, 6710, 6710 Series II, 762H (6610 Series), 8000, 8200, 8260, 8400, 8670, 8700, Dexta 2000, Super Dexta 3000 with 3 cylinder Petrol engine, Dexta 2000, Super Dexta 3000 with 3 cylinder Diesel engine, Major 4000, Major 5000 with 3 cyl., 4 cyl. Petrol engines, Major 4000, Major 5000 with 3 cyl., 4 cyl. Diesel engines, Super 4, 654, 754, 764, 944, 1454, 4600-Four, 6600-Four, 7600-Four with Ford engine, Super 6, 954, 1004, 1124, FC1004 with Ford engine, D0513, D0613, D0713, D0813, D0913 with Petrol engine, D1013, D1113, D1213, D1313 with 4916 c.c. Petrol engine, D200, D300, D400, D500, D550 with Petrol engine, Ranger with 2.8 Turbo Diesel engine 1/03->, 2000 Industrial, 2502E, 2504E, 2512E, 2514E Diesel, 2503E, 2511E, 2513E Petrol, 2701E, 2702E, 2711E, 2712E Diesel, 2703E, 2704E, 2713E, 2714E, 2715E Diesel, 300GF, BSD329, BSD332, BSD333, BSD333H, BSD442, BSD444, BSD444T Turbo, CSG850M, WSG858M, LSG875M, SSD655M, SSD655MT with 5.5 litre engine, Freightliner108SD(Cummins ISB Eng.), 122SD(Cummins ISX15 Eng.), Business Class M2, Cascadia(Cat C15 Eng.), Argosy(Cummins ISM Eng.), CC132(Cat C15 Eng.), Business Class M2e Hybrid(Cummins ISB Eng.), C2(Cat C7 Eng.), C2 School Bus(Cat C7 Eng.), Century Class S/T(Cat C11, C13 Engs.), Columbia(Cat C11 Eng.), CL112(Cat C13 Eng.), CL120(Cat C15 Eng.), Classic(Cat C15 Eng.), Coronado(Cat C15, C16 Engs.), Columbia 120(Cat C13 Eng.), Condor(Cat 3406 Eng.), Classic XL(Cat C15 Eng.), Coronado SD(Cummins ISX (15.0L) Eng.), CST112(Cat C13 Eng,), CST120(Cat C13 Eng.), FL106(Detroit Series 50 Eng.), FL112(Cat 3126 Eng.), FL112; FLD(Cummins M11 Eng.), FLB(Cat 3176 Eng.), FLC(Cat 3176 Eng.), FLC112(Cummins LTA10 Eng.), FL70(Cummins ISL Eng.), FL80(Cat Eng.), FLA(Cat 3406 Eng.), FLD(Cat 3176B Eng.), Gehl HL4400 HydroCat(Ford 134 Eng.), Grove35B Yard Crane; 35D Yard Crane(Ford 6-240, 6-300 Gas Engs.), 36 Crane(Ford 300 Eng.), 68 Crane; 68B Yard Crane; 68D Yard Crane(Ford 6-240, 6-300 Engs.), 810B Yard Crane; 810D Yard Crane(Ford 6-300 Eng.), 1012 Crane; 1012B Yard Crane; 1012D Yard Crane(Ford 6-300 Eng.), RT38 Self-Propelled Crane(Ford 6-240, 6-300 Gas Engs.), RT48 Self-Propelled Crane(Ford 6-300 Eng.), RT49 Crane(Ford 6-300 Eng.), RT58A Crane(Ford 6-300 Eng.), TM150 Truck Crane; TM155 Truck Crane(Ford 6-300 Eng.), TM180 Truck Crane(Ford 6-300 Eng.), TM200C Crane(Ford 300 Eng.), TM9150(Cummins 6CTA8.3 Eng.), TMS760E Crane(Cummins ISM Eng.), TMS875C Crane(Cummins ISM Eng.), YB4408; YB4410(Continental TM2.7L Eng.), 35B, 35D, 38D, RT38, 68B, 68D with Ford 6 cyl. engine, 810B, 810D, 1012B, 1012D with Ford engine, RT48 with Ford 300 6 cyl. engine, RT48, RT49, RT58A with Ford 6 cyl. engine, TM150, TM155, TM180 with Ford 6 cyl. engine, Hesston 420 Windrower(Chrysler 225 Eng.), 520(Chrysler HB225 Gas Eng.), 620 Windrower(Chrysler HB225 Gas Eng.), 6400 Windrower(Chryl. Eng.), 6450 Swather; 6455(Chrysler 6 Cyl. Eng.), 6465 Windrower(Chryl. 6 Cyl. Eng.), 6550 Windrower(Chrysler Eng.), 6600 Windrower(Chrysler Eng.), 6610 Windrower(Chrysler Eng.), Hino K-HE526, HV10, SG1J(J08C Eng. (2004)), SG3325(J08C Eng. (2004)), Ranger Series 2 & 3 Types HV10, 12, KHV10, 12, 17, 18, N-HV10, 12, 13, 15, N-HV98, 99, 3000 with "B" engine, Ranger Series 2 & 3 Types K-HV48, N-HV40, 42, 47, 47D, 48, P-HV75, 76, 78, 79, 3400 with "3B", "13B" engines, HitachiEX60/2, EX60/3(Nissan Engine), EX60/5(Nissan Engine), EX55UR, EX60-2; EX60WD-2; EX60-3(Nissan BD3004 Eng.), EX60-5; EX60LC-5(Nissan BD3004 Eng.), EX60WD-2(Nissan BD3004 Eng.), EX75UR, EX75UR-3(Nissan BD3004 Eng.), EX80-5(Nissan BD3004 Eng.), EX60-2, EX60-3, EX60-5 with BD3004 engine, EX60-3 with Nissan engine, Hydrema Centre Post Excavator 26F 4 with Ford 3 cyl. Diesel engine, Offset Excavator 56F 4 with Ford 3 cyl. Diesel engine, Hymac 270; 570(Ford Eng.), 35AWS(Perkins Eng.), 370C Excavator(Ford Eng.), 480(Perkins Eng.), 270, 370, 570 with Ford engine, 370C with Ford engine, 570 with Ford 5000 engine, Hyster H30H, H60H (block mounted only) with Ford engine, H60E, H110E with Diesel engine, Hyundai HLF20C; HLF25C; HLF30C(Continental TM27 Eng.), Ingersoll Rand 7/26 Compressor(Kubota D1005 Engine), 320 Compressor, P100AWF; P100WF; P125AWF; P125WF, P100AWW; P100AWWU; P100WW; P100WWU, P100BWF; P125BWF, P100BWW; P125BWW, P100WFU, P125AWW; P125WW, P125WFU, P150WW, P160WFU; P175WFU, P175WW; P175WWU; P185WW, SP42 with Ford 2514E engine, 100-47 with White Petrol engine, 320, 320, 328, DRF85, DRF85S, DR100, DR100S with Ford 2504E engine, Iveco 306/2, 620, John Deere 100(HB413 Eng.), 1050, 2250 Windrower; 2270 Windrower(CHRYSLER HB225 Eng.), 2320 Windrower(CHRYSLER Eng.), 2420 Windrower(CHRYSLER 6 CYL. Eng.), 800 Windrower; 830 Windrower(CHRYSLER 225 Eng.), 90(HB413 Eng.), F910, F930, JD850, JD950, Motorhome Chassis(Ford 7.5L Eng.), 90, 100 Sprayers with Chrysler HB-413 engine, 800, 830 – Combines with Chrysler HB225 engine, 2250, 2270 Windrower with Chrysler HB225 engine, 2320, 2420 – Combines with Chrysler 6-225 engine, 4400 – Combine with 292G engine, F910 Front Mower, F930 Front Mower, 850 with Yanmar diesel engine, 950 with Yanmar diesel engine, Kenworth C500(Cat 3406, 3406C Eng.), T2000(Cat 3406E Eng.), K100; K100E(Detroit Series 60 Eng.), K370(Paccar PX-7 Eng.), T300(Cat 3126 Eng.), T600A; T600(Cat 3406E Eng.), T600B(Cat C13 Eng.), T660(Cat C11 Eng.), T370(Paccar PX-6 Eng.), T400(Cummins 6C Series 8.3L Eng.), T400A(Cat 3176 Eng.), T440(Cummins ISL Eng.), T450(Cat 3176 Eng.), T460(Cummins ISL Eng. (Mexico)), T470(Cummins ISL Eng.), T600(Cat 3126 Eng.), T680(Paccar MX Eng.), T700(Cummins ISX Eng.), T600; T600B(Cat C15 Eng.), W900S(C7 Eng.), W900L(Cat 3406E Eng.), T800B(Cat C11 Eng.), T800(Cat 3176 Eng.), T800W(Cat C15 Eng.), W900(Cat 3406, 3408 Eng.), W900B(Cat C13 Eng.),Komatsu FD10, Kubota KH66, KH90, U45/3, U50/3A, GV3240; GV3240SW(S2800-B Eng.), GV3250QSW(F2803-B Eng.), KH10, KJT270FSW(F2803 Eng.), KJT270FXSW(F2803-E Eng.), KX121(V2203E Eng.), KX121-3 Alpha(V2203M Eng.), KX121-3; KX121-3R3(V2203M Eng.), KX121-3S; KX121-3ST(V2203M Eng.), KX161(V2203E Eng.), KX161-3 Alpha(V2203-M Eng.), KX161-3 R Series(V2203-M Eng.), KX161-3 S Series(V2203-M Eng.), KX161-3 ST(V2403-M Eng.), KX161-3R1(V2203M Eng.), KX45-3, M4000(S2200A Eng.), M4030; M4030DT(S2602DI Eng.), M4030SU; M4030TF(S2402DI Eng.), M4500; M4500C; M4500DT, M4950; M4950DT, R520S(V2203-M Eng.), R520S1; R520S2(V2203-M Eng.), U35-4(D1703M-DI-TE4 Eng.), U45 Super S(V2203M Eng.), U45-3, U45-3 Alpha, U50-3 Alpha(V2203-M Eng.), KX 161-3 (39BHP) with V2203-M-EBH engine, Lamborghini 1600, Land Rover Land Rover 109 3.5 Litre Petrol V8 (Detoxed) 11/79->82, Land Rover 109 3.5 Litre Petrol V8 (Non Detoxed) 11/79->82, Lathrop 105; 130; 155, 130, 155, Leyland Daf BL Rover 2000(2.0 (1969)), 2000 TC(2.0 (1968)), Interceptor(6.3 (1971)), Interceptor MK III(6.3 (1972)), Interceptor SP(7.2 (1972)), Interceptor SP; Interceptor MK III(7.2 (1973)), TR8, Pi 3528cc 80->82, Linkbelt LS5800(GMC Diesel Eng.),Mack CH600(EM7 E-Tech Eng.), CH602(E7 310/330 E-Tech Eng.), CH612(ASET AC Eng.), CH613(AC ASET Eng.), CHN600(AMI-300 Aset Eng.), CHN602; CHN603(ASET AC Series Engs.), CHN612(ASET AC Eng.), CHN613(AI ASETEngs.), CHU602(MP8 Eng.), CHU603(MP8 Eng.), CHU612(MP8 Eng.), CHU613(MP8 Eng.), CL Models(Cat 3406C Eng.), CL703(Cummins ISX Eng.), CL713(AMI ASET Eng.), CL733(Cummins ISX Eng.), CT713(ASET AI Series Engs.), CXP612(MP7 Eng.), CXP613(AC Aset Eng.), CTP713(MP7 Eng.), CTP713B(MP7 Eng.), CV513(ASET AI Series Engs.), CV712(Cummins ISL Eng.), CV712; CV713(ASET AC, AI Series Engs.), CV713(E7 E-Tech Engs.), CX612(ASET AC Series Engs.), CX613(ASET AC Series Engs.), CXN602; CXN603(ASET AC Series Engs.), CXU602(MP7 Eng.), CXU603(MP7 Eng.), CXU612(MP7 Eng.), CXU613(MP7 Eng.), DM690S(EM7 E-Tech Eng.), DM690S; DM690SX; DM690X(ASET AI, AMI Series Engs.), Fleet-Liner(EA7-435 CCRS Eng.), Freedom L(Renault E3 Eng. ), Freedom M(Renault E3 Eng. ), Freedom XL(Renault E3 Eng. ), Freedom XXL(Renault E3 Eng. ), GU433(Cummins ISL Eng.), GU533(Cummins ISL Eng.), GU703(MP7 Eng.), GU713(MP7 Eng.), GU803(MP7 Eng.), GU812(MP7 Eng.), GU813(MP7 Eng.), GU814(MP7 Eng.), Metro-Liner(Cummins ISC Eng.), MRU602(MP7 Eng.), MRU603(MP7 Eng.), MRU612(MP7 Eng.), MRU613(MP7 Eng.), Qantum(Cummins ISX Eng.), Super-Liner(Cat C15 Eng.), Super-Liner LT(Cummins Signature 550 Eng.), RB688SX(AI, AMI Aset Engs.), RB690S(AI, AMI Aset Engs.), RD688S(ASET AI Series Eng.), RD688SX(AMI 427 Aset Eng.), RD690S(E7-300, E7-427 E-Tech Eng.), Super-Liner; Super-Liner LT(Cummins ISX Eng.), Terrapro(Cummins ISL-G Eng.), Trident(EA7-470 CCRS Eng.), Value-Liner(EA7-370 CCRS Eng.), Vision CXN612(ASET AC Series Engs.), Vision CXN613(ASET AC Series Engs.), MAN F90, F90ECO Tractor Units 17.462, 17.502, 32.502 with D 2840 18,270cc engines, ManitouMCE20HZ; MCL20HZ; MCE25HZ; MCL25HZ; MCE30HZ; MCL30HZ, 4RM26NF with Ford 2512E engine, MB25M, MB25PF, MB25TC, MB26, MB30M, MB30TC, MC40TC, MC50TC with Ford 2512E engine, BT-420 with Perkins engine, Massey Ferguson 300(Chrysler Slant Six Eng.), 205, 300SP – Combine with Petrol engine, Matbro Bray 404 Teleshift, Mercury Mercruiser 188, 215, 225, 233; 235, 255, 555, 888, Morgan Plus 8 Two-Seater 3.5 Litre V8 10/76->, Muir Hill MH141 with Ford 2704E engine, New Holland 4550, 4610, 550 Digger, 555 Digger, 655C, 655D, 1047 Hay Stacker(Ford 240 Eng.), 1880 Crop Cruiser(Ford 391 Gas Eng.), 1400(Ford 172 Eng.), 980 Combine(Ford 240 Eng.), 995 Combine(Ford Gas Eng.), L-454 with Continental TM13 engine, L-455 with Kubota D1402B engine, L-553 with Kubota V1902-B engine, L-555 with Kubota V1902-B engine, 1116 Speedrower with Ford 200 engine, 1400 – Combine with Ford Petrol engine, L778 Hay Hauler with Ford 192 Petrol & Diesel engine, L779 Hay Hauler with Ford 6-200 Petrol engine, Nissan CW385(GE13TB Eng.), CW440e(GE13TD Eng.), CW445(GE13TD Eng.), CWA445(GE13TD Eng.), 50/5D with Perkins 4.203 engine, 55/6D with Perkins 4.236 engine, 60/7D, 66/7T with Perkins 6.305 engine, 71/7D with Perkins 4.236 engine, D-150, D-350, D-450 with Perkins 4.203 engine, D-150, D-350, D-550 with Perkins 4.236 engine, D-600, D-700 with Perkins 6.305 engine, E-35, E-60, E-70, E-90 with Perkins 4.203, 4.236 engines, E-60 with Perkins 4.203 engine, E-95, E-110 with Perkins 6.305 engine, L-60, L-80 with Perkins 4.236 engine, Northern Lights M964; ML964, M20C; M30C; M30CS; M32C; M33C, ML984, Onan 6DJB, DJA; DJB; DJBA; DJC, DMDJC, EF, JB; JC, LRDJC, MDJA; MDJB; MDJC, MJA; MJB; MJC, RDJC, RJC, EK25, 30, EM37.5, 40 with Ford CSG-6491 engine, EN50, 55, 60, 65, 70 with Ford LSG-875-6005A engine, ENT 56, 75 with Ford LSG-875-6005A engine, ENTX 80, 100 with Ford LSG-875-6005A engine, ES18.5, 20 with Ford LSG-4231 engine, SK 25, 30 with Chrysler HB-225 engine, DJB-Gen, LRDJX, RDJC, RDJF, RJC, Perkins 4.203, 4.236, 6.288, 6.305, P3.144, P3.152, P4.192, P4.203, SameBuffalo 120, Samsung 130(4 Cyl Engine), Sanderson FBR 45TR with Ford 3 cyl. engine, Plantman 2 50TC, 60TC, 504TC, 604TC with Ford 4610 engine, Plantman 80TC, 100TC, 804TC, 1004TC with Ford 6610 engine, Teleporter 2/6-22, 2/7-25, 2/5M-26, 2/11-30 with Ford BSD444 engine, Steyr190; 288, 545S Series, Sunbeam Tiger(4.3 (1964)), Takeuchi TB 070 – Excavator – Mini with Nissan engine, Toyota FG25 Forklift, 02-2FDC25(2J Eng.), 02-DC20; 02-FDC20(5P Eng.), 02-FD10; 02-FG10; 02-SD10(2J Eng.), 02-FD14; 02-FD15(2J Eng.), 02-FDC20; 02-FD25; 02-FDC25(Toyota 2J Eng.), 02-SG7(Toyota 2J Eng.), 3FD50; 3FD60; 3FG50; 3FG60, 4FD25(2J Eng.), FDC20, FDC33; FDC35; FDC40; FDC45; FGC33; FGC35; FGC40; fgc45, 5DC30, 5FD10; 5FD14; 5FD15; 5FD18, 5FD20; 5FD23; 5FD25; 5FD28; 5FD30, 5FDC20; 5FDC25, 5FDC25(G1600 Eng.), 5FGC28; 5FGC30, Land Cruiser(2.4 (1987)), Mark II(2.3 (1972)), Pickups(2.2 (1981)), Crown(2.3 (1968)), SDK7; SDK8(2J2.5 D Eng.), 4-Runner 3.0 Litre Injection V6 12V OHC (Type VZN130) (Eng Type 3VZ-E) (2959cc, 141bhp) 5/93->3/95, Landcruiser 4.5 Litre Multi Point Injection V6 24V DOHC Amazon VX(Type FZJ80) 4×4 Estate (Eng Type 1FZ-FE) (4477cc, 202bhp) 97->, Landcruiser 4.5 Litre Multi Point Injection V6 24V DOHC VX (Type FZJ80) 4×4 Estate (Eng Type 1FZ-FE) (4477cc) 4/95->, Microbus Coaster Diesel K-BB10, 11, 31 with Toyota 2B 3.2 litre engine, Microbus Coaster Diesel K-BB20, 30 with Toyota 3B 3.4 Litre engine, Microbus Coaster Diesel N-BB21, 31 with Toyota 3B 3.4 Litre engine, Microbus Coaster Diesel N-BB26V, 36V with Toyota 3B 3.4 Litre engine, Massey Dyna FC10, FC20, FC22 with Toyota F, 2F Petrol engines, Universal Big King V8; Stratoking V8, U445; 445DTC, U550DTC(D121 Eng.), U640,-DTC, Vauxhall GM Carlton 2.3 Litre Diesel 10/86->8/92, Volkswagen Transporter 1.9 Litre with 1X Diesel engine 12/90->96, Transporter 1.9 Litre with ABL Turbo Diesel engine (61bhp) 11/92->8/95, Transporter 1.9 Litre with ABL Turbo Diesel engine (61bhp) 9/95->7/96, Transporter/Caravelle, Van 1.9 Litre Diesel (T4) (12/90 ->), Volvo V70, VN430(Cummins ISX), VN630(Cummins ISX Eng.), VN780(Cummins ISX Eng.), VH200(VE D12 Eng.), VHD(Cummins ISX Eng.), VNL Series(Cummins ISX Eng.), VHD200(VE D11 Eng.), VHD430(VE D13 Eng.), VN Series(Cummins ISX Eng.), VN670(Cummins ISX Eng.), VN730(Cummins ISX Eng.), VNL300(Cummins ISX Eng.), VNL420(Volvo VED12 Eng.), VNL430(Cummins ISX Eng.), VNL610, VNL630(Cummins ISX Eng.), VNL64T(Cummins M11 Eng.), VNL660(Cummins ISX Eng.), VNL670(Cummins ISX Eng.), WG42(Cat 3306C Eng.), VNM630(VE D11 Eng.), VNM200(VE D11 Eng.), VNM430(Cummins ISX Eng.), VT Series(Cummins ISX Eng.), VT800(Cummins ISX Eng.), VT830(Cummins ISX Eng.), VT880(Cummins ISX), VNL770(D13 Eng.), VNL780(Cummins ISX Eng.), VNM Series(Cummins ISM Eng.), VNL730(Cummins ISX Eng.), WG64(Cummins ISM Eng.), WX64(Cummins N14 Eng.), 850 2.5 Litre TDi Turbo Diesel (2461cc) 96->7/97, S80 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel 5 cyl 10v (2461cc) 5/98->, V70 2.5 Litre TDi Turbo Diesel Injection 5 cyl (2460cc, 140bhp) 97->03/00, B30A, B30E, Volvo Penta 170B, AQ170B/280; AQ170B/280T, AQ240A/280, MD32A, B30A, B30E, AQD70BL, AQD70CL, AQ240A, WabcoHammers(LeRoi D226 Eng.), Waukesha 165(Waukesha 165 Eng.), 215(Waukesha 215 Eng.), 255(Waukesha 255 Eng.), 302(Waukesha 302 Eng.), 351(Waukesha 351 Eng.), F283G(Waukesha F283G Eng.), VRD283; VRG283(Waukesha VRD283, VRG283 Eng.), VRD310; VRG310(Waukesha VRD310, VRG310 Eng.), VRG265(Waukesha VRG265 Eng.), Westerbeke BR30; BR45, Four-154, Performer-6, W120, W46; W52; W58, WPDS10, WPDS20, White 2-50 Field Boss; 2-60 Field Boss(4 Cyl. Diesel Eng.), 2-63FL Forklift, 7300 Combine, 7600 Combine(Chrysler Gas Eng.), 7800 Combine(Chrysler Gas Eng.), 8600 Combine(Chrysler Gas Eng.), 8800 Combine(Chrysler Gas Eng.), Yale and Towne GC; GLC; GDC 60-80LB(Chrysler H225 Eng.), GP; GLP; GDP 60-80LB(Chrysler H225 Eng.), L51C(Chrysler H225 Eng.), Yanmar YM186D, YM180; YM180D; YM186; YM186D; YM187; YM187D, YM220; YM220D; YM226; YM226D, ym276; YM276D, YM336; YM336D