Filtre à Huile Ford CH813 PL

Filtre à Huile CH813 PL

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Marque : FORD

Caractéristiques techniques  :

Height: 114mm
OD/Width Max: 74mm
OD/Width Min: 73mm
ID/Depth Max: 21mm
ID/Depth Min: 21mm

Peut être monté sur  :

Alexander Dennis Paravan with Perkins 4.236 engine, Allis Chalmers 160, 175G, 6040, 700; 706, 706B, H3(D160 Diesel Eng.), I60(Perkins Eng.), 705C with Perkins 4.203G engine, 170, 175 with diesel engine, 5040 with Fiat D115 diesel engine, H3 with D160 engine, I-60D, I-600D, ArmstrongAutopactor Roller with Ford 592E engine, Atlas Copco PT1200(Ford 4D Eng.), Models fitted with Ford 4D Eng., VT3FD, VT4FD, VT5FD with Ford 592 engine, VT4P with Ford 4D engine, Aveling Barford GRT, GRV – Rollers with Perkins 3-152 engine, PR15 – Roller – Pneumatic with Perkins 4.236 engine, TR – Roller with Ford 592E engine, TR3, TRS, TRT, TRU, TRV, PTR30 – Rollers with Perkins 4.236 engine, RD05, RD07 with Perkins 4.236 engine, SXD035 Boxer with Perkins D3.152 engine, SY, SY6, SY7 with Perkins 4.236 engine, Master Pavior with Perkins 4.236 engine, Master Pavior with Ford 592E engine, Series H, M with Perkins 3.152 engine, Series T with Perkins 4.203 engine, Road Marshall Series M with Perkins 4.236 engine, Track Marshall 1100 with Perkins 3.152 engine, Avia Ashok 1500, 2500, 3500 with Perkins 4.192 engine, 2500, 2500R, 3500LE Super and B Versions, 4000 with Perkins 4.203 engine, Bristol 150(Fordson Diesel Eng.), 25 Tractor(Perkins P3.144 Diesel Eng.), Duplex, Broom and WadeWR120, WR125, Blaw Knox Mini Paver with Perkins 3-152 engine, PF65 with Ford 592E engine, PF90 with Ford 592E engine, Salco Tyred Roller with Ford 592E engine, Bolinder Munktell BM320 Buster, BM400, Case IHC S7B Paylogger(FORD 220 DIESEL Eng.), Caterpillar T30; T30B;T30C(Perkins Eng.), T60; T60B(Perkins Eng.), V60; V60B(Perkins Eng.), VC60C(Perkins Eng.), Chrysler Dodge Bantam 3 ton with Perkins 4.203 engine, KB200, KC200, KB300, KC300, KB400, KC400 with Perkins 4.203 engine, Claas Europa(Ford Eng.), Europa – Combine with Ford engine, Matador Standard (SF, SFB) – Combines with Perkins 4.270D engine, Clark 35A(Ford 220 Diesel Eng.), Clarklift 40D, Clarklift Y40D, Clarklift 45D, Clarklift Y45D, Clarklift Y50D, Clarklift 55D, Clarklift Y55D with Perkins 4.203 engine, DC30, DC40, DCY40, DC50 with Perkins 4.203 engine,Compair Holman WR120; WR125, WR85, Zitair 150, 140D, 74D, 85DS; 100DS, CA1; CA1S; CA1SS, Rotair 13P, 45, 66, 74D with Perkins 4.107 engine, 85DS, 100DS with Perkins D3.152 engine, 140D with Ford 592 engine, CA1, CA1S, CA1SS with Perkins D3-152 engine, RO13P, RO37 with Ford 592E engine, WR120 with Ford 4 cyl. engine, WR125 with Ford 592E engine, WR125 with Ford 4 cyl. engine, WR85 with Leyland OE138 engine, WR85 with Perkins 3-152 engine, Zitair 150 with Perkins D3.512 engine, Consolidated Diesel 125 Series; 160 Series, 160 Series, 85RO-1; 125-RO-1, Coventry Climax 30DA, 30DC, 40DA, 40DC, 50DA, 50DC with Perkins 4.203 engine, 40GC, Drott 85RM-2 Crane(Ford 220 Diesel Eng.), 85RM2 with Ford 220 Diesel engine, Ford 2000(Perkins Eng.), 2000 Super Dexta, 220, 5000 Major(199, 220 Engs.), 5000 Super Major, 592E, Dexta, Dexta FMD; Dexta FPMD; Dexta FSMD, Dolphin, Major(Ford 199 Gas Eng.), Super Dextra(Perkins 153 Diesel Eng.), Super Major(199 Gas Eng.), X(Ford X Diesel Eng.), Dexta 32 with Perkins P3/144 engine, Dexta, Super Dexter 2000 with Diesel engine, Multi 50 with Perkins 3 cyl. engine, Power Major, Super Major, Super Major 5000, 220 Four Diesel, 4D Power Pack, 592E Diesel, 957E Diesel, Grove 35B Yard Crane; 35D Yard Crane(Ford 220 Diesel Eng.), 35B, 35D Yard Crane with Ford 220 Diesel engine, Hanomag Henschel B4, MF200, MF200B, MF40S/R, MF911, Hydrovane 74D with Perkins 4.107 engine, 85DS, 110DS with Perkins D3.152 engine, 140D with Ford 592E engine, Hymac 380, 410 with Ford 592E engine, 480 with Ford 2703E engine, 510 with Ford 2703E engine, 580, 580T with Ford 2703E engine, 610 with Ford 2703E engine, Hyster C350A Roller(Perkins 4.236 Eng.), C530A Compactor(Perkins 4.236 Eng.), H60; S60; H70; S70; H80; S80(DIESEL Eng.), HE50(DIESEL Eng.), KD; KE(DIESEL Eng.), S100(DIESEL Eng.), S30B(DIESEL Eng.), S40B(DIESEL Eng.), S40CPD(PERKINS DIESEL Eng.), S50B(DIESEL Eng.), UE40; YE40(DIESEL Eng.), KE with Perkins 4.203 engine, H30E, H30UE, H30YE, H30HE, H30F, H30H, H60B, H60C, H60F, H60H, H90B, H90C, H100B, H120B with Perkins engine, H40F, H60F with Perkins 4.203 engine, H60, H60C, H70, H80, H80C, H100, H100C, H120, H120C with Perkins 4.203 engine, P60A, P80A with Perkins 4.236 engine, S30C, S50C, S60B, S100 with Perkins engine, Ingersoll Rand DR85, DRP85, DRAP85, DR100, DR100S with Perkins 3.152 engine, DRAF125, DRAF125S, DRAF140, DRAF150, DRF150, DR150, DRAF175 with Perkins 4.236 engine, DRP100, DRF140, DRP140, JCB 2; 2B(FORD Eng.), 3(FORD Eng.), 3C; 3D; 4; 4C(FORD 957E Eng.), 2, 2B, 3, 3CS, 4 with Ford 956E engine, 6, 805B, 805BT with Perkins 4.236, T4.236 engines, 702, 704 with Perkins 4-236 engine, John Deere 515 (44 HP), 715 (55 HP), 818 (60 HP), Lanz 717, Lamborghini C226, C230S, R226, Lancer Boss 200 Series, 2/35D, 2/45D with Perkins 4-107 engine, 300 Series, 3/66D with Perkins 3-152 engine, Front Loaders Models with with Perkins 3.152, 4.203 engines, M Series Mk. III, MD6, MD6P, ML6C, MD7, MD7C, MB7/10 with Perkins 4-203, Perkins LPG engines, MB7/10, P Series Mk. III, PD4C, PD4P, PD4, PD5, PT56 with Perkins 4-203 engine, P Series Mk. III, PD4C, PD4P, PD4, PD5, PT56 with Ford 2401E engine,Landini C35, C6000; DT6000; R6000, DT50; R50(Perkins AD3.152 Eng.), DT5560 Series; R5560 Series; DT5860 Series; R5860 Series(Perkins AD3.152), DT60; R60(Perkins AT3.152 Eng.), DT6060 Series; R6060 Series(Perkins AT3.152), 3000 Series; R3000, 3200 Series; DT3200; DTV3200; R3200; RV3200, 4000 Series, 6500; 7500, 8500 Series, 9000 Series; 9500 Series, R4500 Series, R5000S, R7500, R8000, CL4000, CL4000 Mk.II, CL5000, 4000, 4500 Super, 5000, 7000, 4500, 5500, 5500C, 5500CS, 5500CL, 6000, 6500, 6500 Mk. II, 7500, 7550, 8500, 8550, 8500, C35, Series 50, Series 4000, Series 4500, Series 6000, Super, R6500, CL6500, R7500, DT7500, R8000, R8000DT, R8500, Series 3000, Series 3200, R3000, DT3200, DTV3200, R3200, RV3200, Leyland Daf BL Rover 160(411 Engine), 245, 253 with Perkins 3-125 engine, Linde Lansing Guldner AP, SL3, H25T, SL3 with Perkins 3.152 engine, SL3.5, SL4, SL5/6, SL7, SL7C with Perkins 4.236 engine, AP3 with Perkins 3.144 engine, Manitou 2000 with Perkins 4.203 engine, Massey Ferguson 165, 203X, 135, 35, 35 MkII, 35 Tractor(3cyl Engine), 35X, 300; 300D, FE35; FE35X(3 Cyl. Diesel Eng.), FE65(Perkins A4.192 Eng.), MF100 Backhoe/Loader(Perkins Diesel Eng.), MF130, MF135(Perkins Diesel Eng.), MF200 Crawler(Perkins V8 Diesel Eng.), MF202 Tractor; MF204 Tractor, MF140; MF140S(Perkins eng.), MF148(Perkins Diesel Eng.), MF150(Perkins Diesel Eng.), MF152; 152 MKIII Series(Perkins Eng.), MF154-4(Perkins Diesel Eng.), MF154F; MF154S; MF164F; MF164S(Perkins Diesel Eng.), MF165(Continental G176 Eng.), MF203 Tractor; MF205 Tractor, MF203; MF205, MF20(Perkins D3.152 Eng.), MF20 Tractor/Loader, MF25D, MF2135, MF2135 Tractor; MF2155 Tractor; MF2200 Tractor; MF3165 Tractor, MF30(Perkins Eng.), MF30 Tractor/Loader(Perkins Diesel Eng.), MF300, MF302, MF302 Tractor(Diesel Eng.), MF304, MF304 Tractor, MF2200, MF2244 Crawler(Perkins 3.152 Eng.), MF2500, MF2500 Forklift(Perkins Eng.), MF254(Perkins Eng.), MF40(Perkins Eng.), MF3165, MF32, MF3303; MF3305(Perkins 4.203 Eng.), MF35(Perkins Eng.), MF356, MF356 Shovel(Diesel Eng.), MF50 Tractor/Loader(Diesel Eng.), MF50A Loader(Perkins 4.203 Eng.), MF50D(Perkins Eng.), MF65(Diesel Eng.), MF65D(Perkins Eng.), MF86, MF97D; MF97LP, Super 90, 202, 205 – Combines with Perkins AD4.205 engine, 300D – Combine, 300SP – Combine with Diesel engine, MF30 – Combine, MF86, MF86-6, MF186 – Combines, MF203, MF205 – Combines with Perkins A3.152 engine, MF300 – Combine with Diesel engine, MF710 – Combine with Perkins A3.152 engine, MF200, MF200B with Perkins A3.152 engine, MF2200 with Perkins 3-152 engine, MF2500 with Perkins AD3.152 engine, MF20 with Perkins 3-152 engine, MF30 with Petrol engine, MF30 with Perkins 4.203, 4.212 engines, MF34, MF40 (Terna) with Perkins 3.152 engine, MF40R & S, MF50, MF50A with Perkins A4.236 engine, MF50, MH50 with Continental Z134 engine, MF54 with Perkins engine, MF65 Diesel, MF65 MkII, MF65R, MF65S, MF100, MF200, MF203, MF205, MF244 with Perkins A3.152 engine, MF365 with Perkins A3.152 engine, MF702, MF702C, MF2203, MF2205, MF3165S/R, MF3366 with Perkins A3-152 engine, MF3165, MF3303, MF3305 with Perkins AD4.203 engine, 2135 with Perkins 3.152 engine, DT7000, FE35, MF35, TO35 with Perkins P3.144 engine, MF20, MF25, MF30 with Perkins 3.152 engine, MF25, MF30 with Perkins 4.107 engine, MF30 with Perkins A4.203 engine, MF35 with Perkins A.3152 engine, MF50 ->Serial No. 535223 with Diesel engine, MF133, MF133S with Perkins A3-144 engine, MF134C with Perkins A3.152 engine, MF135 with Perkins AG3-153 engine, MF135 with Perkins AD3-152 engine, MF140, MF140S with Perkins AD3.152 engine, MF145, MF145MkII, MF145S with Perkins AD3.152 engine, MF148, MF150, MF152 with Perkins AD3-152 engine, MF150 with Continental Z145.3 engine, MF150 with Perkins 3.152 engine, MF150 with Perkins AG3-153 engine, MF152, MF152V, MF152S, MF154, MF154C, MF154S, MF154V with Perkins A3.152, AD3.152 engines, MF65 with Perkins A4.192 Diesel engine, MF65 with Perkins AD4.203 engine, MF90D, MF130, MF133 with Perkins A3-144 engine, MF132 with Perkins A3.144 engine, MF165, MF165D with Perkins 4-203, 4.212 engines, MF175, MF177, MF180, MF185, MF188 with Perkins 4-236 engine, MF184 F/S with Perkins A4.236 engine, MF203, MF205 with Diesel engine, MF205 Mk. III, MF244 with Perkins 3.152 engine, MF300 with Perkins 4.248 engine, MF302 with Perkins 4.203 engine, MF304 with Perkins 4.203 engine, MF353 Diesel, MF356 with Diesel engine, MF702, MF1150 with Perkins V8-510 engine, MF2200, MF2500 with Perkins AD3.152 engine, MF2203, MF2205 with Perkins 3.152 engine, MF2244 with Perkins 3.152 engine, MF3165 with Perkins 4.203 engine, MF3165SR with Perkins A3.152 engine, MF3303 with Perkins A4.203 engine, MF3305 with Perkins A4.203 engine, TO35, Matbro Bray 534 Loader, BL536; BL540; BL546; BL552, 530, 534 with Perkins 4-236 engine, BL536, BL540, BL546, BL552 with Ford 2703E, 2704E engines, Compact Range C40, C50, C60, C70, C80 with Perkins LPG-152, P3-152 engines, Economat Range 70, 80, 90 with Perkins LPG3-152, P3-152 engines, Rough Terrain M40 with Perkins 3-152 engine, Rough Terrain M60, M80 with Perkins 4-236 engine, Goose engine driven scraper with Perkins 4.236 engine, Mastiff 4000 with Perkins 4.236 engine, Mastiff Minor, Super Loadstar with Ford 592E engine, Muir Hill 2WL; 10B, LH1(Perkins P3.144 Eng.), A4000, B4000 with Ford 2704E engine, B5000 with Ford 2704E engine, 10B, 2WL with Fordson Major engine, 12B with Ford 592E engine, BD4 with Ford 4D engine, LH1 with Perkins P3.144 engine, NCK Rapier Cheviot with Ford 592E engine, New Holland Dexta, Dexta 957E, Major, M73, M75, M77, M80, M89 Harvesters with Ford 592E engine, M73, M75, M77, M80, M89 Harvesters with Perkins P4 engine, Nissan Dexta, EBRO D150, D350, D450 with Perkins 4.203 engine, EBRO E60 with Perkins 4.203 engine, D-150, D-350, D-450 with Perkins 4.203 engine, E-60 with Perkins 4.203 engine, O and K V16, V20, V25, V26. V30 with Perkins 4.203 engine, Perkins 3.152Y; 3A.152; 3AB.152; B3.152(Perkins 3.152Y, 3A.152, 3AB.152, B3.152 Eng.), 4.107; 4.107M; A4.107(Perkins 4.107, 4.107M, A4.107 Eng.), 4.108(Perkins 4.108 Eng.), 4.192; 4A.192; P4.192; P4.192Y(Perkins 4.192, 4A.192, P4.192, P4.192Y Eng.), 4.203; 4A.203; AD4.203; D4.203; P4.203(Perkins 4.203, 4A.203, AD4.203, D4.203, P4.203 Eng.), 4.248; AT4.248(Perkins 4.248 Eng.), 4.318(Perkins 4.318 Eng.), 4.99; 4A.99(Perkins 4.99, 4A.99 Eng.), AD3.152; D3.152; AT3.152; 3.152(Perkins 3.152, AD3.152, AT3.152, D3.152 Eng.), F3(Perkins F3 Eng.), F3.152; P3.152(Perkins F3.152, P3.152 Eng.), F4(Perkins F4 Eng.), L4; L4M(Perkins L4, L4M Eng.), P3(Perkins P3 Eng.), P3.144(Perkins P3.144 Eng.), 3.144, P3-144, P3-144.1, P3-144M, P3.144TA, 3.152, 3.152.2, 3.152.4, B3.152, D3.152, D3.152.4, F3.152, F4.152, G3.152, P3.152, T3.152.4, 3.152M, 3AB152, 4.107, 4.107A, 4.107M, 4.107TA, 4.107V, 4.192, P4.192, 4.203, 4.203TA, P4.203, A4.212, 4.203, 4.203.2, AD4.203, D4.203, G4.203, 4.236, A4.236, 4.236M, 4.236TA, C4.236, G4.236, T4.236, 4.248, 4.248.2, B3.153, F3, P3, F4, L4-M, P4, P6, R6, S6, 4.203, Barracuda, Barracuda Mk.2, Force 2, P3.144, P3.152, P4.192, P4.203, P3.144M, Pike Mk.2, Porbeagle Mk.2, Priestman Beaver 1 Excavator with Ford 592E engine, Ransomes Jacobsen 801 – Combine with Perkins 4.107 engine, Renault N71, Super 108(Perkins L4 Eng.), 160 with Allis-Chalmers engine, N71 with Perkins P3.144 engine, Super 7, Super 7D with Perkins P3.144, P3.152 engines, Sambron AM22, AM22F, AM22H, AM22HA, AM32, AM32F, AM32H, AM32HA, AM252, AM252F, AM252H, AM252HA, S25, S25H, S25HB with Perkins 3.152 engine, Seddon Atkinson Middy Bus with Perkins 4.236 engine, Stothert and Pitt 7RT Vibroll – Roller with Ford 292E engine, Timberjack 205(Ford 4-220 Diesel Eng.), 215C(Ford 4-220 Diesel Eng.), 220(Ford 4-220 Diesel Eng.), 250(Ford 4-220 Diesel Eng.), Towmotor M-30, M-40, M-50, T-30, T-40, T-50, T-60 with Perkins D3.152 engine, T30B, T35B, T40B, T45B, T50B, T55B, T60B, Valtra Valmet D20, D2552, D3056, D4072 with Perkins 4.203 engine,Volvo LM422(Perkins Eng.), SM460 – Forestry Equipment with D913 engine, SM462 – Forestry Equipment with D25 engine, LM422 with Perkins P3 engine, GM410 with D913 engine, BM320, BM400 Buster, BM430, BM460, T320 Diesel, T400, T430, Weatherhill 12HB with Ford 592E engine, L50, L50/2 with Perkins 4.236 engine, S2 with Perkins 3.152 engine, Yale and Towne 1500; 1500C Shovel(Perkins 4.248 Eng.)