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Marque :MANN 

Caractéristiques techniques  :

Height: 236mm
OD/Width Max: 100mm
OD/Width Min: 100mm
ID/Depth Max: 41mm
ID/Depth Min: 40mm

Peut être monté sur  :

Atlas Copco PT900(D334 Eng.), PT900CD(Cat D334 Diesel Eng.), Barber Greene SB170 Paver(Cat D330C Eng.), TA77(Cat D333C Eng.), BroytX4, X4 with Caterpillar D333 engine, Bussing Prafekt and Prasident Rear Engine, BS16L, BS20S2, BS22L with S12DA engine, BS16S, BS16S16, BS19, BS20, BS22 with S12D engine, Caterpillar 955, 120E, 112, 112; 112E, 112; 112F, 112E; 112F, 12, 120(3306 Eng.), 12E, 12E; 12F, 12F, 14; 14B, 14; 14C, 14; 14D, 14; 14E, 140(3306 Eng.), 14E, 1673, 1673C, 1674, 212, 3304, 3306, 3306; 3306B, 3406, 518; 518 Series II(3304 Eng.), 561; 561B, 561C, 572; 572E, 572C; 572D, 583, 583C; 583E, 583H, 583K, 6, 623, 627(3306 Eng.), 627; 627B, 621, 637; 637B(3306 Eng.), 641B(D346 Eng.), 650B; 660B, 651B(D346 Eng.), 657B(D346 Eng.), 666B(D346 Eng.), 773(D346 Eng.), 776(D348 Eng.), 814, 777(D348 Eng.), 779, 786, 815 Compactor(3306 Eng.), 920(3304 Eng.), 922A, 922A; 922B, 922B, 930(3304 Eng.), 933C, 933F; 933G, 941; 941B, 950, 944, 944; 944A, 951; 951B; 951C, 955; 955C; 955E, 955F, 955H, 955K(3304 Eng.), 955L(3304 Eng.), 966; 966A; 966B, 966C(3306 Eng.), 977D, 977E, 977H, 992; 992B(D348 Eng.), 977K(3306 Eng.), 977L(3306 Eng.), 980, 980B(3306 Eng.), AH40, AH46, AH52, AH60, D311, D311H, D312, D315, D315G, D318, D318G, D320; D320A, D11000, D330; D330A; D330B(Cat D330,A,B, Eng.), D330A, D330B, D330C, D333A, D333A; D333B(Cat D333A, B Eng.), D333B, D333C, D334, D13000, D17000, D2, D398B, D399, D379; D379A; D379B, D379A; D379B(Cat D379A,B Eng.), D379B, D336, D337F(Cat D337F Eng.), D339, D3400, D342, D342C, D343(Cat D343 Eng.), D346, D397D, D398; D398A; D398B, D398A; D398B(Cat D398A,B Eng.), D348, D349, D4, D4400, D4C, D4D, D5, D5B(3306 Eng.), D6, D6B, D6C, D6D; D6D SR(3306 Eng.), D7, D7C; D7D, D7F(3306 Eng.), D8, D8800, D8D; D8G, D8E; D8F, D8H(D342T Eng.), D8K(D342 Eng.), D9D, D9E, DW10, DW15; DW15C, DW15E; DW15F, G333; G333A; G333B; G333C, G342; G342F, G342C, G348, G349, G379, G398; G398A, G399, 814 Serial no 90P1-156, 814B Serial no 16Z1->, 815 Serial no 91P1->243, 815 Serial no 91P244->, 15R1->, 561 – Pipelayer Serial no 62A1->, 561 – Pipelayer Serial no 85H1->, 561 – Pipelayer Serial no 92J1->, 54X1->, 583 – Pipelayer Serial no 21A1->, 583 – Pipelayer Serial no 61A120->, D330 Serial no 4B1->6031, 12 Serial no 12K1->, 12 Serial no 13K1->, 12 Serial no 73G1->, 12 Serial no 89H1->, 12 Serial no 99E1->, 14 Serial no 72G1->, 14 Serial no 99G1->, 16 Serial no 49G1->, 112 Serial no 46D1->, 82F1->, 112 Serial no 68E1->, 91G1->, 112 Serial no 89J1->, 120 Serial no 10R1->, 22R1->, 120 Serial no 13U1->, 120 Serial no 14K1->, 140 Serial no 11R1->, 24R1->, 140 Serial no 14U1->, 140 Serial no 95R1->, 920 Serial no 62K1->, 922 Serial no 59A1->, 94A1->, 922 Serial no 88J1->, 930 Serial no 41K1->5314, 941 Serial no 80H1->, 944 Serial no 43A1->, 58A->, 87J1->, 950 Serial no 31K1->, 81J1->, 950 Serial no 90A1->, 951 Serial no 19H1->, 951 Serial no 69H1->, 951 Serial no 79H1->, 86J1->, 955 Serial no 12A8260->, 955 Serial no 60A1->, 955 Serial no 61H1->, 85J1->, 966 Serial no 33A1->, 75A1->, 966 Serial no 76J1->4836, 30K1->1337, 966 Serial no 76J4837->, 30K1338->1400, 977 Serial no 11K1->, 977 Serial no 46H1->, 977 Serial no 53A1->, 980 Serial no 42H1->, 992 Serial no 25K1->1169, 992 Serial no 25K1170->, 621 Serial no 23H1->, 623 Serial no 52U1->, 627 Serial no 54K1->, 627 Serial no 68M1->68M878, 637 Serial no 63M305->, 64M1304->, 637 Serial no 91N1->, 92N1->, 641 Serial no 65K1->, 650 Serial no 58K1->, 657 Serial no 68K1->, 660 Serial no 58K1->, D6 Serial no 37A1->, 44A1->, 56A1->, 57A1->, 666 Serial no 66K1->, D4 Serial no 22C1->, D4 Serial no 2OJ1->, D4 Serial no 39A1->, 40A1->, 78A1->, 85A1->, 86A1->, D4 Serial no 82J1->, 83J1->1810, 84J1->, D5 all models and Serial no's, D6 Serial no 74A1->, 76A1->, D6 Serial no 99J1->1550, 10K5985->6290, D7 Serial no 93N1->, 94N1->, D8 Serial no 22A1->, 35A1->, 36A1->4468, D8 Serial no 36A35384->, D8 Serial no 36A4469->5383, D8 Serial no 46A10725->25745, D8 Serial no 46A25738->, D8 Serial no 52A1->, 68A1->, 46A1->10724, 1673 Serial no 1L1->, 69D1->, 76R1->, 1674 Serial no 94B1->, D330 Serial no 2B1->4363, D330 Serial no 98B1->, D333 Serial no 23C1->739, D333 Serial no 66D1->8890, D346 Serial no 39J1->, D348 Serial no 36J1->, D379 Serial no 68B 2540->, D398 Serial no 66B 636->, D399 Serial no 35B 688->, D346 Serial no 40J1->, D348 Serial no 38J1->, D349 Serial no 62P1->, 67P1->, D379 Serial no 69B1->, D398 Serial no 67B1->, D399 Serial no, Clark 24 Carrier; 25 Carrier(Cat D315G Eng.), 250; 250TS(Cat D320 Eng.), 34; 44 Crawler(Cat D318G Eng.), 1800; 1800SC(Cat D375 Eng.), 64 Carrier; 65; 65SC; 65T(Cat D318G Eng.), 65(Cat D333 Eng.), 75C Crane(Cat D333C Eng.), Coventry Climax ROT Line F1500; ROT Line H2000; ROT Line L3000; ROT Line L3230; ROT Line L3460; ROT Line L4000, Davey Paxman 125RP(Cat D311H Eng.), 160RP(Cat D311H Eng.), 750RPD(Cat D333C Eng.), Deutz AG Fahr KHD DP2100 with Deutz BF6M716 engine, BF6M716, BF8M716, BF12M716, BF16M716, Dynapac CC25A(Cat D330 Eng.), FreightlinerFLC(Cat 3306 Eng.), FLD(Cat 3306 Eng.), FLL(Cat 3306 Eng.), FLT(Cat 3306 Eng.), Gardner 105(Cat Eng.), 160 Series(Cat Eng.), 210 Series(Cat Eng.), SP250(Cat D330T Eng.), SP365(Cat D330TA Eng.), SP600(Cat D333T Eng.), WBG315D(Cat D8800 Eng.), WBH365; WH420DA; WBK500D; WH500D; WH500TM(Cat Eng.), WH315TMA, WHF210D(Cat D318 Eng.), RP600DE with Caterpillar D333 engine, SP250, SP365 with Caterpillar D330 engine, SP600 with Caterpillar D333 engine, WHF210D, WBG315D, WBH365, WBK500D with Caterpillar D318, D8800, D13000 engines, GroveTM400 Truck Crane(Cat 1673C Eng.), TM400 with Caterpillar 1673C engine, Harnischfeger 105ATC Truck Crane; 105B Truck Crane(Cat D311 Engs.), 155A Truck Crane(Cat D311 Engs.), 420; 425; 440; 525; 535(Cat D330A Eng.), 525; 535(Cat D333C Eng.), 550 Crane(Cat D333 Eng.), 420, 425, 440 with Caterpillar D330 engine, 525, 535, 550 with Caterpillar D330 engine, Hyster C450A Compactor; C451A Roller(CAT D330C Eng.), C450A Compactor; C455A Compactor; C458 Compactor(Cat D330B Engs.), C500A Compactor(CAT D311H Eng.), C450A, C451A, C455A, C458 with Caterpillar D330 engine, C500A with Caterpillar D311H engine, RC100, H150E, RC150, SC150, TC150, RC160, SC160, TC160, TC165, RC180, RC180E, SC180, TC180, TD180, H185, H200, M200E, M200F, RC200, SC200, TC200, TD200, H225E, TC225, TD225, H250E, H300E, M300E, M300F with Caterpillar D320 engine, Ikarus Models with Raba engine, Iveco 503, 503AM, Kenworth K100(Cat 1673, 1674 Eng.), W900(Cat 1673C, 1674 Eng.), Komatsu D75S, 4D120; S4D120, D135A-1(SA6D125 Eng.), D135A-2(S6D140 Komatsu Eng.), D150A-1; D155A-1(S6D155 Eng.), D155A-2(S6D155 Komatsu Eng.), D155C-1(S6D155 Eng.), D155S-1(S6D155 Eng.), D355A-1(S6D155 Eng.), D355A-3; D355A-5(SA6D155 Eng.), D355C-3(S6D155 Eng.), D50A-15; D50P-15; D50PL-15(4D120 Eng.), D50A-16; D50P-16; D50PL-16(4D130 Eng.), D50S-15(4D120 Eng.), D50S-16(4D130 Eng.), D53A-15; D53S-15(S4D120 Eng.), D53A-16;D53P-16(4D130 Eng.), D53S-16(4D130 Eng.), D55S-3(S4D120 Eng.), D57S-1(S4D130 Eng.), D60A-6; D60E-6; D60P-6; D60PL-6; D65A-6; D65E-6; D65P-6; D65PL-6(NH220C1 Eng.), D60S-6; D65S-6(NH220C1 Eng.), D75S-2(NH220 Eng.), D75S-3(NTO6C1 Eng.), D75S-5, D80-6; D80-7, D80A-18; D80E-18; D80P-18(Cummins NT855 Eng.), D85A-12; D85E-12(NH220C1 Eng.), D85A-18; D85E-18; D85P-18(Cummins NT855 Eng.), D85A-21; D85E-21; D85P-21(S6D125 Eng.), D95S-1(S4D155-4 Eng.), D95S-2(Cummins NT855 Eng.), GD30-5M(4D120 Eng.), GD31RC-3A(4D130-1 Eng.), GD37-5H(S4D120 Eng.), GD500R-1(S4D130-1 Eng.), GD705R-2(NH220-C1 Eng.), PC20HT-1(4D130-1 Eng.), D50 A, P, PL, S Series 15 with 4D120 engine, D50 A, P, PL, S Series 16 with 4D130 engine, D53 A Series 15 with S4D120 engine, D53 A, P, S Series 16 with 4D130-1, SL4D130-1 engines, D53 S Series 15 with S4D120 engine, D53 S Series 16 with 4D130 engine, D55 S Series 3 with S4D120 engine, D55 Series 3 with S4D120-11 engine, D57 Series 1, D57 S Series 1 with S4D130, S4D130-1 engines, D95 S Series 1 with S4D155 engine, D150 A Series 1, D155 A Series 1 with S6D155 engine, D155 S Series 1 with S6D155 engine, D355 A Series 1 with S6D155 engine, 20HT-1 with S4130 engine, PC20HT-1 with 4D130-1 engine, GD30-5M with 4D120 engine, GD31-3H, GD31-5H, GD37-5H with S4D120 engine, GD31RC-3A, GD310RC-3A with 4D130 engine, GD500R-1, GD500R-2 with S6D105, S4D130 engines, D50F Series 16 with S4D 130 engine, D55S, D55S-3, 4D120, S4D120, S4D155, Leyland Daf BL Rover 2400, 2600, F2500(DK825, DKA825, DKB825 Eng.), F2600(DK825, DKA825, DKB825 Engs.), F 2400, F 2600 with DK, DKS 1160 engines, F 2500, F 2600 with DKB engine, DK 825, DKA 825, DKB 825, Linkbelt108(Cat D330 Eng.), K300(Cat Eng.), K500(Cat Eng.), 40(Cat Eng.), LS108(Cat D333C Eng.), 50(Cat Eng.), 68(Cat D315 Eng.), 70(Cat Eng.), 71; 75(Cat D320, D330 Engs.), 77(Cat D320, D330 Engs.), 78(Cat D320, D330 Engs.), 85(Cat D320, D330 Engs.), 88(Cat D320, D330 Engs.), 90; 98(Cat D320, D330 Engs.), 98(Cat D333A Eng.), LS3000; LS3500; LS4000; LS4500; LS5000(Cat D330TC Eng.), LS318 Crane(Cat D333C Eng.), LS408(Cat Eng.), LS418 Crane(Cat D333, D333C Engs.), LS78 Crane(Cat D330A Eng.), LS98(Cat D318 Eng.), LS98; LS98A Crane(Cat D333C Eng.), LS98LC Crane(Cat D333 Eng.), Lokomo AH172 with Scania DS11 engine, Mack FL700 Series; FS700 Series; RL700 Series; RS700 Series(Cat 1674 Eng.),MAN TD232 V6; TD232 V8, Massey Ferguson MF55 with Diesel engine, MWM D232V6, D232V8, D233V8, TD232V6, TD232V8, O and K RH50 with Deutz BF12M716 engine, Renault Cruisair PR2A, PR3A,PR100 with V800 engine, PR100, PR100A, PR100B, PR100PA, PR100PL, PR100PRS with Renault V8-500 engine, CBH280, CLM280 with MD/MDS/MIDS 06.35.40, MIDR 06.35.45 engines, GBH 12 6×6, GBH 260 6×4 with MID 63.54.00 engine, GBH12 (6×6), GBH260 (6×4) with MIDS 06.35.40 engine, GBH 260, GR 260, TBH 260, TR 260, GR260, GR280, GR280A, GRH280B with MD/MDS/MIDS 06.35.40, MIDR 06.20.45 engines, GR300, GR320, GR320B with MIV 08.35.40 engine, GR 300, TR 300, GR 320,TR 320, TRH 320, TRH 230, TRM 320 with MIV 08.5.30 engine, Manager G280 Models with MD/MDS/MIDS 06.35.40, MIDR 06.20.45 engines, Manager G300 Models with MIDR 06.20.25 engine, TBH260 with Renault MIDS 06.34.40, MIDR, MIDS 06.20.45 engines, TBH280, TLM280, TLR280, TLR280A, TLR280C, TLR280E with Renault MD/MDS/MIDS 06.35.40, MIDR 06.20.45 engines, TR260 with MID/R/S 06.02.45 Turbo diesel engine, TR280, TR280A, TR280A1, TR280C, TR280E with Renault MD/MDS/MIDS 06.35.40, MIDR 06.02.45 Turbo diesel engines, TR300, TR320, TRH320 with Renault MIVR 08.35.40 Turbo diesel engine, M635/40, MS635/40, MIV835/30, V825, V835, Towmotor AH40, AH46, AH52, AH60 with Caterpillar D330 engine, AM36, AM40, AM46, AM52, AM60 with Caterpillar D330 engine, Wabco 85C Haulpak(Cat Eng.), 120C Electric with Caterpillar D348, D349 engines, Yale and Towne Trojan 3000 with MWM engine