Filtre à Huile KNECHT EH249

Filtre à Huile

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Marque : KNECHT

Caractéristiques techniques  :

Height: 141mm
OD/Width Max: 73mm
OD/Width Min: 73mm
ID/Depth Max: 33mm
ID/Depth Min: 33mm

Peut être monté sur  :

Ahlmann Some compressors, Alexander Dennis Vendore Van & Light Truck, Allis Chalmers UD40, Armstrong 1 cyl., 2 cyl., 3 cyl., ASJ 3, ASJ 4, ASJW 3, ASJW 4, Aston Martin DB(2.9 (1957)), DB2(2.6 (1950)), DB2-4(2.6 (1953)), DB3(2.6 (1951)), DB4(3.7 (1959)), DB5(4.0 (1963)), DB6(4.0 (1965)), DBD(2.9 (1958)), DBS(4.0 (1967)), Vantage(4.0 (1972)), Vantage 4.0 Litre 6 cyl 7/72->7/73, Atlas Copco Models fitted with Diesel Eng., Models with Armstrong Siddeley twin cylinder diesel engine, Aveling Barford GF, GFX – Rollers with Petter AV2 engine, GN – Roller with Lister HR3 engine, VR3, VR4 – Rollers with Lister HR3 engine, SD020 Bison, SXD020 with Petter PH2 engine, SXD020 with Petter PH2 engine, MLN, Track Marshall 80, 85, 1600 with Perkins 6.354 engine, Bristol 25 Tractor, 80 Compressor(Armstrong-Siddeley Diesel Eng.), Benford LM31D(Petter PH2 Eng.), MA1300; MA2000, MA1300P, OL; OM; OP; OR; OS, TS40, TS60M, TT2, TT2000; TT2500, TT50L; TT50P; TT50S, TT60; TT70, TT70M, W4; Z4, WP4, CRW – Drum Mixer with Petter PAZ1 engine, EA – Drum Mixer with Petter PH2 engine, EA4P – Drum Mixer with Petter PH2 engine, JKW – Drum Mixer with Petter PAZ1 engine, JW – Drum Mixer with Petter PAZ1 engine, KRW – Drum Mixer with Petter PAZ1 engine, LM31D – Work Platform with Petter PH2 engine, W4P – Drum Mixer with Petter PH2 engine, OFHDP 30cwt. with Petter AVA2 engine, OFP 30cwt. with Petter PH2 engine, OGHDP 35cwt. with Petter AVA2 engine, OGP 35cwt. with Petter PH2 engine, OL, TT2 with Petter PH2 engine, OM Series 35cwt. (4×4) with Petter PH2 engine, OMHDP 35cwt. (4×4) with Petter PH2 engine, OMP 35cwt. with Petter PH2 engine, TS40 with Petter PH2 engine, TT2000 with Petter PH2 engine, TT2500 with Petter PH2 engine, TT50P with Petter PH2 engine, TT60M, TS60M with Leyland 120 engine, TT70M with Leyland 120 engine, MA1300, MA2000 with Petter PH2 engine, MA1300P with Petter PH2 engine, Bolinder Munktell BM Teddy, BM100; BM200; BM210,Bonser 35G, 35H, 45H with Petter PH2 engine, Bukh 302, 403, 452, 554, Case IHC 414 Harvester, 434, 444, B275, 201(BD144C Eng.), 2300A Series(BC144 Eng.), 2424; 2444(BD154 Eng.), 364(BD154 Eng.), 3414 Series; 3444 Series(BC144 Eng.), 354(BC144 Eng.), 384(BD154 Eng.), 424; 444(BD154 Eng.), 500 Loader(DIESEL Eng.), 7000(BC144, BD143 Engs.), 844; 844S; 844XL, 91(Diesel Eng.), 91; 93(BD154C Eng), 93(BD154C Eng.), B250, B275 Diesel; 276(BD144 Eng.), B414(BD154 Eng.), BC144(IHC BD144 Eng.), BD144(IHC BD144 Eng.), BD144A; BD144C(IHC BD144A, BD144C Eng.), BD154(IHC BD154 Eng.), BD154C; BD154T(IHC BD154C, BD154T Eng.), DC144(IHC DC144 Eng.), TD5; TD5B, 91 – Combine with BD-154C engine, 93 – Combine with BD-154C engine, 201 Windrower with BD-144 engine, 354, D354, 364, 414, 444, D444 with BC144, BD144, BD154 engines, 424, 424D, 434, B250, B275, B414, 434, B500, BD5, BTD5, BD414, BH25, D354, D444 with BD 154 engine, 500 Payloader with 154H Diesel engine, H25B, 238, 275, 276, 374 with Case BD154 engine, 414, Chrysler Dodge Hillman Super Minx, Gamecock with 2.6 litre Diesel engine, KB200, KC200, KB300, KC300 with 2260CC, 2611CC engines, Citroen 23(Perkins 4.192, 4.203 Eng.), D Special(2.0 (1972)), D21(2.2 (1972)), D21; DS21(2.2 (1968)), DS21(2.2 (1972)), ID19(2.0 (1969)), Consolidated Diesel 105RO-1, 125 Series; 160 Series, Conveyancer TC Series(Standard Eng.), Coventry Climax FL, FL Trucks, Bulkloaders, Godiva CD4, Bulk Loaders, Davey Paxman YL; YLX, RQ, YL, YLX, David Brown 25D, 30D, Cropmaster, Cropmaster; Taskmaster; Trackmaster, 25, 25D, 28D, 30C, 30D, Taskmaster, Trackmaster, VAK1, VAK1A, VAK1AH,Doosan Daewoo Chevrolet Sea Lion, Foden 6 Wheel with Cummins engine, 6 Wheel with Leyland 680 engine, All models with, Ford Major(Ford 199 Gas Eng.), Furukawa FL60, FL60A with C240 engine, Hanomag Henschel MF50BA, MF50R+B, MF70, Hymac 370; 370C Excavator(Leyland Eng.), 380; 410(Ford Eng.), 480; 510; 580; 580T; 610(Ford Eng.), 580C; 580D(Ford Engs.), 370C with Leyland engine, Hyster 600XL, H35XL with Isuzu engine, Ingersoll Rand DR85, DRP85, DRAP85, DR100, DR100S with Perkins 3.152 engine, DRAF125, DRAF125S, DRAF140, DRAF150, DRF150, DR150, DRAF175 with Perkins 4.236 engine, DRAF125, DRAF125S, DRAF140, DRP140, DRP140S, DRAF150, DR150S, DRF175, DRF175S with Ford 2711E engine, DRAF125, DRAF175 with Ford 2701E engine, DRAP125, DRAP140, DRAP150, DRAP175 with Perkins 4.236 engine, DRDS-1, DRP100 with Perkins engine, DRP140, DRP140S with Perkins engine, IKA315, IKA500 with I.H.C. UD18A engine, DXL900P with Cummins engine, DXLC750 with Cummins engine, Isuzu TLG52 OHV(G201 Eng. (1974-76)), Diesel Bus Journey S with C190 engine, Diesel Bus Journey S 15, Iveco 70D6FK, 70D6FL, 75D6FK, 75D6FL, 80D6F, 80D7F, 80D8F, 80D9F with Deutz F4L812D, F4L912 engines, JCB 414, 525B F/L, 1550; 1550B(PERKINS Eng.), 2, 2; 2B(BMC 10-42 Eng.), 2000(LEYLAND AD400 Eng.), 1(Petter PH2 Eng.), 3(BMC 10-42 Eng.), 30CWT(Petter PH2 Eng.), 3C; 3D; 4(BMC 10-65 Eng.), 3CIII; 3DIII(Leyland 4.98NT Eng.), 3DS; 3DX; 4C(Leyland 4.98NT Eng.), 410(Leyland Eng.), 4C; 4D(BMC Eng.), 700, JCB1 Excavator(Petter PH2 Eng.), JCB10(Petter PH2 Eng.), 2, 2B, 2D, 2DS, 2SB, 3, 3C, 3CS, 3CX, 3C11, 3CS11, 3D, 3S, 3X, 4C, 4D with Leyland 10/42, 10/45, 10/60, 10/65,231 engines, 2, 2B, 2D, 2DS, 2SB, 3, 3C, 3CX, 3CS, 3C11, 3CS11, 3D, 3S, 3X, 4C, 4D with Leyland 4.98 engine, 30 cwt. with Petter PH2 engine, 1 with Petter PH2 engine, 6, 805B, 805BT with Perkins 4.236, T4.236 engines, 410 with Leyland 4.98 engine, 700 with Leyland 4.98 engine, 700 with Leyland 231 engine, TH520, TH520-2, TH520-4 with Leyland 4.98 engine, 520M/2, 520M/4 with Leyland 4.98NT engine, TH520, TH520-2, TH520-4, TH525, TH525-4 with Leyland 4.98 engine, Johnson 1 cu.yd., 2 cu.yd., Skip with Petter AVA2 engine, 1, 1 1/4, 1 1/2. 2 ton, 1JG, 1JP, 2HG, Highplacer with Petter PH2T engine, 1K, 1KP, 1KS, 2KP, 3E, 3KP, 6E, 6ES, Humper, Rotaplacer with Petter PH2 engine, 1KH, 1LG, 6EF10, 6EG, 6EH, 7EF14 with Petter PH2T engine, Loband with Petter AVA2 engine, Mk. 12 with Petter AVA2, PH2 engines, Kelvin R3, T3, T4, Komatsu FD15; SD15(Isuzu C240 Eng.), FD18(Isuzu C240 Eng.), FD20(Isuzu C240 Eng.), FD20; FD20-5(Isuzu C221 Eng.), FD20H(Isuzu C240 Eng.), FD23(Isuzu C240 Eng.), FD25(Isuzu C240 Eng.), FD25; FD25-1(Isuzu C221 Eng.), FD25-1(Isuzu C175, DL201 Engs.), FD25H(Isuzu C240 Eng.), FD25T7(Isuzu Eng.), FD28(Isuzu C240 Eng.), FD30(Isuzu C221 Eng.), FD30-8(Isuzu Eng.), FD30H(Isuzu C240 Eng.), FG20(Isuzu DL201 Eng.), FG20; FG20S(Isuzu G201, GL201 Engs.), FG20-5(Isuzu G201, GL201 Engs.), FG20-58(Isuzu G201, GL201 Engs.), FG20-6(Isuzu G201 Eng.), FG20L(Isuzu G150, G201 Engs.), FG25(Isuzu G150 Eng.), FG25; FG25S(Isuzu G201, GL201 Engs.), FG25-1(Isuzu G201, GL201 Engs.), FG25-6(Isuzu G201 Eng.), FG30(Isuzu G201 Eng.), FG30-11; FG30S-11(Isuzu G201, GL201 Engs.), SD10(Isuzu C221 Eng.), SD20, SG10(Isuzu G201 Eng.), FD15-1, FD20, FD25 with Isuzu C240 engine, FD20, FD25, FD30 with Isuzu G150, G201 engines, FD20, FD25, FD30 with Isuzu C221 engine, FD20-5, FD25-1 with Isuzu DL201, C221 engines, FD20/30-7, FD20/30L-8 with Isuzu engine, FG10, FG10-8, FG14, FG14-6 with Nissan DPU40DA engine, FG15, FG25 with Isuzu G150, G201 engines, FG20, FG20-4, FG25 with Nissan GS engine, FG20-5, FG20/58, FG20S, FG25, FG25-1 with Isuzu G201, GL201 engines, Kramer 350, 351, 450, 452 Export, Kubota KH10, L200(Z1100 Eng.), L260H(21, 24 HP Engs.), M4000(S2200A Eng.), KH1, KH1D with D1100-BH engine, L175, L200, L210, L260, H, L260H with 21,24hp engines, M4000, M4050, Lancer Boss 300 Series, 3/66D with Leyland engine, RX25D with Isuzu Diesel engine, Leyland Daf BL Rover 245 Tractor, 472 Tractor, 10/42, 10/45, 10/65, 2.2 Litre, 344(3.4 Liter Eng.), 384(3.8 Liter Eng.), AD400, Chief 25; Chief 40, Chief 25; Chief 40; Skipper 60; Skipper 100, Commander Diesel, Commodore Diesel, OE138, Gas Turbine, Healey 100-6(2.6 (1956)), Healey 3000(2.9 (1959)), Mercury; Monarch; Monmouth, Skipper 60; Skipper 100, TR3A(2.0 (1960)), TR3B(2.0 (1962)), TR4(2.1 (1962)), TR4A(2.1 (1965)), Vedette, Metro 1.3 Litre (automatic) Clubman 7/81->93, TR4, TR4A 2138cc 61->67, Chief 25, Chief 40, Commander 2.2 Litre, Commodore 3.4 Litre, Commodore 3.8 Litre, Skipper 60, Skipper 100, Fleetline with Gardner 6LXB engine, Hercules, 2.10/60, 3/45, 4/65 with 3 cyl. Diesel, 4 cyl. Diesel engines, 10/42 with 2.82 litre Diesel engine, 10/60 with 3.77 litre Diesel engine, 244, 253 with 2.5 litre Diesel engine, 255, 270, 262, 272, 282, 342 with 3 cyl. 2.55 litre engine, 344, 384 with 3.8 litre Diesel engine, 602, 604, 702, 704, 802, 804, DM3, DM4 with 4 cyl. Diesel engine, 154, Chief 25, Chief 40, Skipper 60, Skipper 100, Commander 2.5 litre, Commodore 3.4 litre, 3.8 litre, V8, Lister PetterEngine(PH2 Engine), 353 Type(Lister 353 Type Eng.), 367 Type(Lister 367 Type Eng.), AV2; AVA2, B2; B2M; B2T, B3; B3M; B3T, B4(Petter B4 Eng.), B4; B4M; B4T, HA, HA2; HB2(Lister HA2, HB2 Eng.), HA3; HB3(Lister HA3, HB3 Eng.), HA4(Lister HA4 Eng.), HR2; HR2A; HR3(Lister HR2, HR2A Eng.), HR3; HR3A(Lister HR3, HR3A Eng.), HRW2; HRW3, HW2(Lister HW2 Eng.), HW3(Lister HW3 Eng.), PC3, PC4, PH2, PHW2, PJ; PJW, PJ3, PJ3W, PJ4, PJ4W, RMR(Petter RMR Eng.), HA, HB2, HB3, HRW2M, HR2MA, HRW2MA, HRW2MGR, HRW3M, HR3MA, HRW3MA, HRW3MGR, MGR, PJ50 with PJ2 engine, PJ85 with PJ4 engine, R140, R140S, R175PD with Ford 2711E engine, PDL30 – Refrigeration Unit, 353, 367, AV2, AVA2, B2M, B3M, B4M, B2T, B3T, B4T, HA2, HA3, HA4 Diesels, HB2, HB3, HR, HR2, HR3, PC2, PC3, PC4, PD1, PD2, PD3, PD4, PDM2, PDM3, PDM4, PDV6, PDV8, PDVM6, PDVM8, PH2, PH2W, PJ2, PJ2W, PJ3, PJ4, PJ3W, PJ4W, PJZ, PJWZ, WRMR, B4RMR, PDK, PDL,Lotus Elite(1.2 (1958)), Manitou 4RM20C, 4RM25C with I.H.C. BD154 engine, 4RM30, 4RE30, 4RE40, 4RE50, 4RE60 with Perkins 4.236 engine, MB20, MB25 with I.H.C. 40 h.p. engine, MB21C, MB26C with I.H.C. BD154 engine, MC8 (3 ton), MC20, MC25, MC30, MC40, MC40C, MC40TC with I.H.C. BD154 engine, MC20C, MC20H, MC25C, MC25H, MC30C, MC30H, MCE20C, MCE25C, MCE30C, Marshall 100 Series 2WD with Leyland 3.77 litre engine, 602, 604 with Leyland 4.98DT engine, 702, 702XL, 704, 704XL with Leyland 4.98DT, 4.98NT engines, 802, 802XL, 804, 804XL with Leyland 4.98DT, 4.98TT Turbo engines, 904XL with Leyland 4.98TT Turbo engine, Massey Ferguson 165(A4212 Engine), 35, T20, TE20, TEF20, FE35(4 Cyl. Diesel Eng.), FE35D; MF35D; TO35D(23 Std. Diesel Eng.), TO35, 701 – Baler with Armstrong engine, Baler Models fitted with Petter AVA2 engine, MF710 – Combine with Perkins A3.152 engine, MF702, MF702C, FE35, MF35, TO35 with Diesel engine, FE35, MF35, TO35 with Perkins P3.144 engine, MF155, MF158 with Perkins AD4.203 engine, MF165, MF165D with Perkins 4-203, 4.212 engines, TE20, TO20, Matbro BrayRough Terrain M40 with Leyland 120 engine, McCormick B275, Mercedes V8 Models, Muir Hill 1 cu. yd., 3S with Petter AVA2 engine, New Holland County Super 6, Major, Nissan 410(1.2 (1963)), 520 Pickup(1.3 (1965)), 9000, C9, FG-007, F-2, F-2-300, FG-2300, P8, P9, Renault D30 with Perkins P3.492.4 engine, Nuovo N71, Super 7, Super 7D with Perkins P3.144, P3.152 engines, PX 30, Seddon Atkinson 275, Stothert and Pitt54RB2 – Roller with Lister HR3 engine, SP72 Roller engine, T182A, T182B – Rollers with Lister HR3, HR4 engines, TCM FG30, Thwaites 2 Ton Dumper, 2 Ton Dumper Alldrive, Dumper, 4000 Series(Lister-Petter PH2 Eng.), 6000 Series(Lister-Petter PH2 Eng.), All Drive 35 cwt., 2 ton with Petter PH2 engine, All Drive 4000 with Petter PH2 engine, 21/10 1 ton with Petter AVA2 engine, 30 cwt. Gravity Skip with Petter AVA2 engine, All Drive 3 ton with Petter PJ3 engine, All Drive 5000 with Petter PH2 engine, All Drive 6000 with Petter PH2 engine, Tusker 30 cwt. with Petter AVA2 engine, Tusker Digger Dumper with Petter PH2 engine, Tusker, Tusker Swivel Skip with Petter PH2 engine, Toyota FG20, FG20-4 with GS petrol engine, Volvo BM200, BM210, BM Teddy, BM350 with Boxer engine, White FB43(Isuzu Eng.), Winget 10NTR with Petter PH2 engine, 10R(300R), 12R(333R), 14R(400R) with Petter PH2, PJ1 engines, 14/10NT with Petter AVA2 engine, 14NTR with Petter PH2 engine, 14NTR with Lister HA2, HR2 engines, 3 1/2TSD, 5TSD with Petter PAZ1 engine, 300R with Petter PH2 engine, 3T, 3/85T, 3 1/2/100T, 5/150TSD, 6/175TSD with Petter PAZ1 engine, 400R with Petter PH2 engine, CG31, CK31, CH44, CH45 – Rollers with Lister HR2 engine, 4/30, 4/30T, 4A30E, 4A40E, 4/45, 4/45HD, 4/45T, 4/50HD, 4A50E, 4FL2500, 5SE with Petter PH2 engine, 4/60 with Petter PJ2, PJ3 engines, 4/70 with Petter PJ3 engine, 4B 2000 with Petter PH2 engine, 4FL5000, 4/60, 4/70 with Lister HR2 engine, 4S, 4SVHD, 4S190, 4/45, 4/40, 4/40E, 4/50, 5S, 5SHD, 5ST with Petter PH2 engine, 4S, 4SVHD, 4S190, 4/45, 4/40, 4/40E, 4/50, 5S, 5SHD, 5ST with Lister SR2 engine, Foremaster with Petter PH2 engine